Bás - Shallow Death: They will come for us.
Burq Off!: The only way out is off!
Jazz In The Round: Barrier-busting jazz/ contemporary music binge with Jazz on 3 presenter Jez Nelson. Every last Monday.
Mapping Beckett: "We're waiting for Godot" join us "It'll pass the time"
Me and My Cat?: Adapted from the book by Satoshi Kitamura this is a fast paced, action packed story for everyone aged 6+
Merely: Twelfth Night: The Merely Players' exciting summer season of Shakespeare concludes with Twelfth Night.
Pentecost by David Edgar: 1995 Evening Standard Best New Play of the Year.
Robin Hood: Wizard Theatre's own band of Merry Men return to the Cockpit with the most enduring of English Legends!
Romeo & Juliet: These violent delights have violent ends.
The Adventures of TaTa-man in - A Night of Bananas: Creating a different story to end youth dis-advantage through the powers of Taking Advantaged Thinking Action.
The Prisoner's Dilemma by David Edgar: War is Hell. Negotiating Peace can be worse.
The Shape of the Table by David Edgar.: "When the Wall came tumbling down, the battle for power had just begun."
The Tempest: Brought to life in-the-round, through use of puppetry, mask and live folk music.
Theatre In The Pound: An evening of fifteen minute performances of new drama, writing, cabaret and all things theatrical.
Voila!: The annual French-language-loving festival.
Waiting for Godot: Beckett's classic as Beckett intended: entertaining, unpretentious - and devastating.
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