Theatre Maker


*Theatre that can only be made by the people making it. 

A theatre-making community.

Classes, workshops, drop-ins, scratch nights and showcases for people making their own work.


We are launching a range of classes and workshops and talks that practically aid the Theatre maker, with tutors there to advise, teach, develop, and support throughout the creative process. They are designed to arm participants with creative and practical know-how that can be applied to their work and many of our classes culminate in a performance slot at our scratch night THEATRE IN THE POUND.
We have two platforms that we run monthly for creatives to show new work. THEATRE IN THE POUND, our monthly scratch night in the main space, and NEW STUFF, our monthly rehearsed readings in studio one. (Participants in some of our new classes will have the chance to show their work at one of these nights as part of the course.)
All theatre makers are welcome at The Cockpit. But we’ve planned Theatre Maker to be particularly supportive to people working on original theatre. We strive to support companies and individuals, in support of theatre that is surprising, sincere, and ambitious: what we think of as Motivated Theatre.

Theatre Maker members will benefit from reduced studio hire, concessions on tickets, reduced rate classes and a discount at our bar. 

Motivated Theatre generally means work that can only be made by the people making it, often characterised by any or all of the following:

• Those involved take total control of all aspects of a collaborative creative work and bear all the risks. There are no absent stake-holders controlling the boundaries of what can happen on stage, no prior decisions taken by rights-holders elsewhere.

• The work is about creating more than interpreting and often features the presence of creators/devisors as performers/participators. Often from fields beyond theatre.

• The work is the product of a shared artistic vision or an effort to evolve one, where the audience is aware of a unique personal or group style.

• The work is driven by the real-life concerns or experiences of the people making it, as well as their energy and abilities as participators. 

• Creative roles – often including technical roles - are dispersed throughout the company rather than contained within a strict creative or production hierarchy. 

Many of the most successful shows at The Cockpit exemplify Motivated Theatre: Borderline, Cosmic Trigger, Streets the Musical and so-on.

You don't have to have lofty aims to be a Theatre Maker and you don’t have to buy all our products - but you do probably have to identify closely with what your show is about. We promote a hugely diverse selection of work at The Cockpit and are always keen to work with individuals and companies that are creating work they care about beyond it being a paying gig. Rehearsal space, box office splits, assistance with tech, design, direction, marketing, social media support… we always try to help companies where we can. Now with Theatre Maker, we’ve a more distinct way of identifying companies we choose to support – even when they leave our building and go on to wherever they are destined to go next.

Theatre Maker is a support network, a community and a brand, for companies taking their shows onward from their time at The Cockpit. Be it touring, another London venue, taking a show to a festival, or taking the show to schools, Theatre Maker will give companies a brand that will help them move forward and give them a network to fall back on.

Companies that are part of the scheme will carry the Theatre Maker branding on their promotion material. In turn, The Cockpit will actively promote Theatre Maker companies on our website, on social media, and to our patrons.

We are launching on the 18th February 2018 with taster sessions of our classes, performances, and a free lunch!



Theatre Maker Launch

A chance to sample classes & performances - FREE