Concert for school classes

Wed 24 Jan 2018



Produced and presented by Goethe-Institut London

Hosted by The Cockpit

The Goethe-Institut proudly presents the German rapper Chefket back again in the United Kingdom. The concert is part of a music tour with stops in London, Ipswich, Hull, Whitby and Middlesbrough. The concerts offer a very special access to the German language and culture and are a great motivation for language learners. "Ich bin Rap, ich bin Soul, ich bin Jazz, Rock & Roll". The first single of Chefket´s album Nachtmensch is called Rap & Soul. Chefket shows which artists have inspired him, his songs and his style of rapping and singing: Eric Burdon, Otis Redding and Aaron Neville as well as Nas, De La Soul, Mos Def or Ice T - the rap elite and the who is who of soul. Even though there is as much rap as there is soul in his single, the foundation of his sound remains hip hop. "That´s the only music style that combines all elements" says Chefket. "This openess in regard to all other genres is unique and making me happy time and again".

The tickets are free of charge to secondary schools and universitiy students.

If you like to register your class, please contact: teacher-services-londonatgoethe [dot] de

Wednesday 24th January - 1pm

Free of charge