Destination Planet Earth!

Experience your favourite monster movies in 3D!

Sat 12 Aug 2017 to Sun 13 Aug 2017

Destination Planet Earth!

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Produced and presented by Soft Machines

Hosted by The Cockpit



Dave loves old monster and sci-fi movies. He also believes in aliens. Presenting a film night to showcase his passions, he gets more than he bargained for.

Although 50s and 60s films enthral him, he's really into social media and these two elements of his life are heading for a crash collision.


The audience will experience these creature features literally coming to life in living, breathing 3D as Dave is dragged along for the ride. Frankenstein's Monster, vampires, zombies, aliens and a terrifying, towering Godzilla all pour out from the screen and onto the stage.

Via an exciting mix of aerial and ground-based circus, the story unfolds to thrill, terrify and break your heart. A night at the flicks will never be the same again.

Saturday 12th August - 4pm and 7pm
Sunday 13th August - 6pm

Full price: £12