DIY Horror Play or Le Grand Guignol Resurrected

An all female company creates a dark and bloody comedy inspired by classic French horror plays.

Wed 28 Jan 2015 to Fri 30 Jan 2015

DIY Horror Play or Le Grand Guignol Resurrected

Meet Louise. It's her last night at the mental asylum.
Her release has been approved: tomorrow she will be free to walk out and start a new life.
But someone seems to have other plans for her... 
Afraid and alone, she sets off through the corridors of the madhouse. She hopes the doctors, nurses, nuns and staff will help but they seem as insane as the patients. Danger closes in and as she struggles to make it through the night, the exit gates seem further and further away.

Two Tongue Theatre take on the Grand Guignol in this darkly funny and gory play.
Renowned and reviled in the early 1900s as Paris' unique horror theatre, the Grand Guignol was finally killed off by its younger brother cinema.

But fear, murder and madness still have their place on stage and the girls of Two Tongue will show you how. Follow them if you dare as they master the secrets of the genre and create their very own horror fest.

After all its only theatre. Isn't it?

Two Tongue Theatre is a bilingual company led by Sharlit Deyzac and Leonor Lemee, two French-born actresses with an international upbringing.
We make theatre that reflects our joyful attraction for what is strange, dark, funny, disturbing and silly… Pinching from the French theatrical tradition, we create playful shows that explore madness and violence.
We like to blend different styles and practices. Our shows combine intense physical performances with multiple languages and strong visuals and sound.
At the heart of our work is also a passion for transformation. We reinvent existing stories and spin them on their heads to take them into new and unexpected directions.
Folie a Deux, our debut play, was performed at The Cockpit as part of Voila! Festival 2013. This dark physical comedy was freely inspired by Jean Genet's The Maids and the real trial of the Papin sisters. It is currently in development for a new series of performances in 2015.

Wednesday 28th to Friday 30th January - 7.45pm

Full price: £12 Concessions: £10