Monthly Incisive Subversive Writing Of Every Era.

Sun 26 Feb to Sun 25 Jun


A Cockpit Production



Peter Marinker and friends present incisive, subversive writing from every era.
Readings and discussion of the most disruptive, from the most informed, for the most discerning. Work from Beckett to Homer and back again - a word to the wise.

Listen to plays,  poetry,  prose, and letters.  

Followed by an open discussion, in the comfortable Cockpit bar or upstairs in Studio 1.

With Peter Marinker – Director, Bookshop Theatre

Sunday 26th February: BECKETT'S LETTERS Volume II


Having eluded the Gestapo by travelling south to Rousillon with his partner, Suzanne, Samuel Beckett writes in Oct. 1942,

            “The above is my address henceforward. A little bled in the hills about 30 miles from Avignon, landscape all that could be desired, food all that could not. The worst drought for years, historic famine etc. 
No one knows where the winter food is coming from.  I less than the next.”

In October 1948, back in Paris, he began writing what was to become a 20th Century classic, EN ATTENDANT GODOT. A prolific letter writer, Beckett’s often hilarious correspondence charts the history of the writing and eventual publication & production of a tragic farce which brilliantly reflects the appalling century into which he was born.

We are hoping that George Craig, translator and editor of Letters of Samuel Beckett Volumes II, III and IV, will once again be with us to introduce the evening. He, Michael Howarth and Peter Marinker will read excerpts and commentary from the 2nd Volume [1941-1956]

Future Dates

SUNDAY 26th MARCH: Russia (Pushkin, Dostoevsky)

SUNDAY 23rd APRIL: Germany. (Faust, Goethe, Mann)

SUNDAY 28th MAY: Sweden (Strindberg, Larsen)

SUNDAY 25th JUNE: Beckett Letters Volume III



Please note: Readings will often be in Studio 1. Access is via a broad spiral staircase and is not wheelchair accessible or suitable for people who have difficulty with stairs.

If this is a problem please write to thebookshoptheatreatgmail [dot] com (subject: Mapping%20Beckett)