Poetry Can F*ck with Your Finances

Money & Magic

Sun 23 Oct 2016

Poetry Can F*ck with Your Finances

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Produced and Presented By The Cockpit & BrainFruit


23rd October 2016, 7.00pm


Let’s fuck with the money machine!

Is it a kind of black-magic as Heathcote Williams says?

Or the most sacred and ancient mystery of them all as ritual money-burner Jon Harris would have us believe?

A night of ritual magic and coruscating poetic argument as we delve into the secrets of those bits of paper we all worship in an exploration around the ideas of sacrifice and money as desire.

With Capitalism as cult, in the mindspace of Occupy, and burning as purification, we’ll be using words predominantly by Heathcote Williams and Jon Harris, with other commentators and poets woven through. 


Interspersed will be three speakers: Vinay Gupta, John Higgs and CJ Stone  - who will talk about the future of money, Universal Basic Income, and a plan to use magic to transmute the banking system. 

Performers include Jacqueline Haigh, Michael McKoen (Dr Blue), Roy Hutchins - and more…


The evening will culminate in a money-burning ritual - for those who wish to take part. 

TICKETS: £15 / £12

Poetry Can F*ck Off is a revolution in poetry. And it's the revolution in poetry - Jeremy Hardy


£15 / £12 Concs