Readings - The Work Of Samuel Beckett

Monthly Readings Of Incisive Subversive Writing

Sun 28 Oct 2018

Readings - The Work Of Samuel Beckett

A Cockpit Production



Presenting incisive, subversive writing from every era.

Readings and discussion of the most disruptive, from the most informed, for the most discerning. Work from Beckett to Homer and back again - a word to the wise.

Listen to plays,  poetry,  prose, and letters always followed by an open discussion, in the comfortable Cockpit bar or upstairs in Studio 1.




Two acclaimed Poets & Translators




The poet, Geoffry Squires comes from Hull to join Peter Marinker in reading his remarkable translation of the Sufi poet, HAFEZ for which he won the 2014 translation prize of the American Institute of Iranian Studies, representing all the universities there that teach Farsi.

Geoffry, as a young professor in Isfahan, found it essential to learn Farsi as english speakers were a rarity. One of the original of troubadour'  poets, certainly Hafez is as well known in Iran as Shakespeare (in the Sonnets) and Dante, in his tribute to Beatrice, The Divine Comedy.  Beckett often refers to them both in his work. All three enduring poets share the tradition of romantic and often desperate, unrequited love.









Another translator, Mary Hobson and Peter will read from her recently published AFTER ONEGIN. Her translations of Pushkin were celebrated in Russia throughout 2017.

Mary is 92 years old and Peter has recorded ther conversation which may be a substitute if she feels she can’t make it. Knowing her we know she’ll do her best.





in January we return to Beckett with RETURNING TO GODOT which ends with a sketch of Act I of the play. When it was performed at the Big Lit Festival in Scotland last year, members of the audience told him it made them want to see the play. His reply was, “If you find a great production of Waiting for Godot, for god’s sake, let me know!"



Hoping to see you soon,

Peter Marinker (director of The Bookshop Theatre Company)




Sundays - 7:30pm


Please note: Readings will often be in Studio 1. Access is via a broad spiral staircase and is not wheelchair accessible or suitable for people who have difficulty with stairs.

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