rough for opera

A Night Of New Opera

Mon 9 Oct 2017

rough for opera

rough for opera #16 | 09.10.17

a scratch night for new opera
produced and curated by Second Movement

with new opera from composers Michael Betteridge, Georgina Bowden and Michael-Jon Mizra

'Can you Give Up Your Seat Please?' (10 mins)

Michael-Jon Mizra (composer and librettist)

Radium (25 mins)

Georgina Bowden (composer)
Eleanor Knight (librettist)
Ruth Knight (director)

Voicings (20 mins)

by Voicings Collective

Michael Betteridge (composer)
Rebecca Hurst (writer)
Freya Wynn-Jones (director/performer)

post performance Q and As led by Professor Paul Barker (RCSSD)

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rough for opera is a performance platform for composers to share new work and opera in progress. Each event is a snapshot and celebration of contemporary opera making, with most work being brought from page to stage for the very first time. With an informal and intimate atmosphere and a Q and A following each performance rough for opera is a great way for audiences to engage directly with opera makers and for composers to get invaluable feedback about their work at an early stage in its development.

Monday 9th October - 7:30pm

All Tickets; £6