The Battle of Frog and Mice

The frogs & mice are going to war!

Fri 24 Aug 2018 to Sun 26 Aug 2018

The Battle of Frog and Mice

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This event is part of: 
Produced and presented by Helicon Storytelling

Hosted by The Cockpit


A tragedy has struck Bread Nibbler, the king of the mice, and everyone knows who’s to blame: the frogs. Now a battle is coming to the pond and it’s time to pick a side.

Join us for The Battle of Frogs and Mice, a tale originally told as an introduction to epic poetry for the children of Ancient Greece. Three storytellers will guide you through this interactive adaptation, allowing kids to get hands on with traditional storytelling, improvised music and toy-box puppetry. Will you fight for the frogs or the mice?

Helicon Storytelling was founded by Classics graduates with a love of stories old and new. We create live-composed retellings of stories from Greek Mythology, using the formulaic elements of traditional Classical storytelling. We perform in dialogue with live, improvised musical motifs. Every show is different, allowing us to present stories that adapt to the make-up of each audience.

Our mission is to reinvigorate the telling of tales from the Ancient World and engage with a variety of audiences, many of whom may not have had the opportunity to explore the Classical world before.

Friday 24th August  - 1pm

Sunday 26th August - 11.30am and 1pm

Tickets £7 each / £24 Family of 4 | Discount for local families: £5 each / £16 family of 4