The Lonely Soldier Monologues

Seven Soldiers. Seven Women. Seven stories. You think you know war? You don't know the half of it.

Wed 6 May 2015 to Sun 31 May 2015

The Lonely Soldier Monologues

"But coming home was hard. It’s like you’re a ghost. Like you died and you’re coming back to life and you’ve got to weasel your way back in because everybody had to adjust without you"

PMJ Productions presents THE LONELY SOLDIER MONOLOGUES By Helen Benedict -  A brave verbatim* play that looks at the lives of 7 women who served in the US Armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Telling stories that desperately needs telling, the play exposes some shocking truths about war and asks questions about the military, our society and our western culture.

It explores why they enlisted, what they endured and how it affected them when they came home.

"An important & concerning insight into the treatment of women in the armed forces, made far more difficult in a war that nobody wanted."

 "...enraging & brutal... brilliant justice to Helen Benedict & their subjects."

"If equality matters to you, then seeing The Lonely Soldier Monologues is more than just important: it’s a must."

By the interval I wasn't sure which bit of the story was making me most angry & for that it is essential viewing.

"The stories are gripping & enraging. The cast perform with exactly the right level of emotion, successfully give each character realistic complexity. Captivating performances."

"The calibre of the performances are such that you feel the actual soldiers, the owners of these stories & these lives, are standing in front of you, reaching out, imploring you to listen & demanding to finally be heard."

The women, who fought in the war between 2003 and 2006, personify the situation of women in the military today; women are participating in combat more than ever before, but are so outnumbered they are often painfully alone.

Although told from the viewpoint of American women the play explores universal issues of women living and working in a male dominated world.

*Although this is a verbatim piece all of the names have been changed to protect those involved.

Wednesday 6th to Sunday 31st May 2015.
Wednesdays to Saturdays - 7.30pm.
Sundays - 3.00pm

Tickets £14 / £12

Concession rate applies to Equity and Spotlight members. 

All Wednesday tickets £12

Throughout the run there will also be post show events on selected nights. All events are free to ticket holders.

Thursday 14th May - UK & US Military Justice Systems
Emma Norton, Solicitor from Liberty, will discuss the Military Justice campaign. She will be joined by Helen Benedict.

Friday 15th May - #Everyday Sexism
Laura Bates, founder of The Everyday Sexism Project, will be conducting a Q &A. The Everyday Sexism Project is an ever-increasing collection of over 100,000 people's experiences of daily gender inequality. The testimonies come from people around the world and the Project has quickly become an international movement

Thursday 21st May - Domestic & Sexual Violence in the UK
Domestic and sexual violence and will be discussed by Prof Susan Bewley, researcher into domestic violence in pregnancy and editor of ABC of Domestic and Sexual Violence (Wiley 2014) & Dr Fiona Vera- Gray from Rape Crisis.

Wednesday 27th May  - UK Government & the Military Justice System
Member of Parliament Madeline Moon will be with us to talk about her work within the military justice
system in the UK.

Stephanie James:  Clara Henderson
Leonor Lemee: Anna Peterford
Kathryn Gardner:  Maria Sanchez
Rachel Handshaw: Terris Dewalt Johnson
Jen Painter: Miriam Ruffalo
Tamina Davar:  Santiaga Flores
Sharlit Deyzac:  Sylvia Gonzalez 
Olivia Onyehara: The Voiceless Soldier

Director : Prav MJ
Lighting Designer: Gareth Prentice
Sound Designer: James Bell
Composer: Jose Albela
Video Designer: Emma Painter
Website Designer: Kat Gardner
Graphic Designer: Reinhold Mahler
Technical Adviser: Alison Baskerville 
Assistant to Director: Andrew McRobb
Production photographs: Pete Le May

Press and PR Enquiries: Chris Hislop
chris [dot] hislopatgmail [dot] com
+44 (0)77 1103 3205

Full price: £14 Concessions: £12