The Reluctant Dragon

Kenneth Grahame's Much Loved Classic!

Sat 21 Oct 2017

The Reluctant Dragon

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Produced and presented by Wizard Theatre Ltd

Hosted by The Cockpit


Everyone knows that dragons are fierce, fire-breathing, princess-eating monsters. But this dragon is different. He’s a nice dragon: he writes poetry, appreciates beauty, has an allergic reaction to flowers and doesn’t care tuppence for princesses. He befriends a lonely boy from the village, and the pair become inseperable. But when the villagers send for St George, the infamous slayer of dragons, the dragon’s friendship and very life is at stake...

The Reluctant Dragon is a heartwarming comedy by Kenneth Grahame, the author of The Wind In The Willows. It addresses issues of friendship, family and bullying, as well as the difference between people’s reputation and their real personality.

​Produced in association with international award winning open air theatre company Illyria (now in their 26th year) the show lasts for 60 minutes and is suitable for children and adults alike.

Tickets: £7 / £24 family of 4

We also offer a discount for local families and special deals for school parties.

Locals discount: All tickets are £5 each / £16 family of 4, for people living in Church Street Ward postcodes:
NW1 5**,  NW1 6**,  NW8 7**,  NW8 8**,   W2 1**.
Please buy at The Cockpit and bring proof of address.

Saturday 21st October - 2pm

£7 / £24 for a family of 4