Under the Mental Health Act & Black Love Matters

Two Short Plays With Interlocking Themes

Fri 4 Aug 2017 to Sat 5 Aug 2017

Under the Mental Health Act & Black Love Matters

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Produced and presented by HiddenViewz

Hosted by The Cockpit

Two short shows with interlocking themes.

"A flower can be beautiful, give it care and it will flourish but you leave it in the dark, it will wilt away."

Under The Mental Health Act through dark humour, comical irony and true stories of young adolescents creates an eye opening perspective and insight into what’s happening nowadays within our psychiatric facilities and a unique look into the lives of the patients who live within them.

"The darker the berry, the sweeter the truth."

Black love matters highlights the link between modern society and one of the biggest hidden secrets in history - the Willie Lynch Letter. Set in both a protest and an ironically funny game show, the characters through poetry and dark humour reveal an alternative view of today's black community.


Written and directed by Andrea Lungay and Rachel Mervis

HiddenViewz is an upcoming production company which prides itself on its diversity and ambition to highlight the political and social issues we face in today's society.

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Friday 4th and Saturday 5th August - 7pm

Full price: £10 Concessions: £8