Nature Keepers Festival

Supported By City of Westminster & The Cockpit



Want to grow and learn about plants, feel healthier and be in touch with Nature?

Interested in becoming a caretaker of your Natural environment?

Please get involved and make your mark on the Nature Keepers map!

This Festival of events and workshops is to celebrate and encourage local people to enjoy together our green spaces and Nature, and to help make and strengthen connections with plants, trees & animals in a variety of creative ways.

27th July
The Cockpit
10:30am - 4:30pm

A day of shows, activites, walks and talks.

2pm: Main Auditorium
Leaping Frog

LEAPING FROG is a puppet adventure which follows the journey of Goggles, a jaunty little wood frog, who catapults from the calm Little Pond, into the much BIGGER outside world.

Leaping before she's looked, nothing has prepared Goggles for the deep Freeze!

Can she ever return home again?

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3 - 4:30pm: Studio 1
Kafig: Fool's Parsley 

Kafig is an unrehearsed, unscripted sculptural play that evolves using chance methods and material improvisations.
Performing in all kinds of locations - derelict buildings, car parks, living rooms, street corners, project spaces, parks. launderettes, theatres etc. - Kafig use disparate objects, movement, sound and language as sculptural materials to form a new whole that taps into the subconscious mind.

No performance of Käfig is ever the same and audience participation is welcomed.

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Throughout the day:
Nature walks from The Cockpit to Broadley Street Gardens



Our partners: PDT Community Champions, MEWSO, Home-Start, Newpin Family Centre & City of Westminster College

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Leaping Frog

The jumpiest little frog in the pond!
Sat 27 Jul   

Käfig: Fool's Parsley

An unrehearsed, unscripted sculptural play
Sat 27 Jul