The Camden Fringe 2021

The Camden Fringe is a performing arts festival that takes place across London.

Started in 2006, it and was set-up as an alternative to Edinburgh Festival, offering performers the chance to try out new material in a festival setting, without the time and money needed to take a show to Edinburgh..

We've been a key venue at the festival for the last 5 years, each year programming a broad range of bold and innovative work for our large and versatile space. 


Want to know more about the festival? Visit the Camden Fringe website. 


For this show we are returning to normal operation where ticket holders choose their own seats on admission to the auditorium. 

We also request that everyone wear a mask when moving around the building, wash their hands often and practice self-distancing.  We have reduced capacities to allow for this.

You and your bubble will be invited to choose a seat and self-distance yourselves from others.

We will be running a normal bar service with extra tables for your drinking comfort.


For more information on how things work, have a look at our dedicated Covid:19 page. 


9 Aug to 10 Aug
On Stage
History on the Road

Legacy. Womanhood. Protests.

9 Aug to 11 Aug
On Stage
Juliet & Romeo

They're Back... & On Acid!

10 Aug to 21 Aug
On Stage
Mario: A Super Musical!

Super Mario takes to the stage!

11 Aug - 9.00pm
On Stage
Housewarming by Tatenda Shamiso

Home, Identity, Community

11 Aug to 20 Aug
On Stage
Game of Governments

Who's Going To Take Out The Bins?

12 Aug to 14 Aug
On Stage
Better Than Sex

The Story of Mae West

12 Aug to 15 Aug
On Stage
Existential Fish & Dread

A Quest For Life's Meaning

13 Aug to 14 Aug
On Stage

A New Devised Piece

14 Aug - 2.00pm
On Stage
Truly, Madly, Baldy

Bold & Bald

15 Aug
On Stage
Home Burial

Based On The Poetry Of Robert Frost

16 Aug to 17 Aug
On Stage
Jammy Dodgers

How Capable Are We Of Starting Over

16 Aug to 17 Aug
On Stage

A One-Woman Dark Comedy

18 Aug to 19 Aug
On Stage
Rosetta Code

Robots & Humans Improvise In VR

18 Aug to 19 Aug
On Stage
Kiss Her

We're Not Going To Show You This...

20 Aug to 21 Aug
On Stage
Smart Casual

A New Musical by Sam Woof