The Camden Fringe 2022

The Camden Fringe is a performing arts festival that takes place across London.

Started in 2006, it was set-up as an alternative to Edinburgh Festival, offering performers the chance to try out new material in a festival setting, without the time and money needed to take a show to Edinburgh..

We've been a key venue at the festival for the last 6 years, each year programming a broad range of bold and innovative work for our large and versatile space. 


Want to know more about the festival and what's on? Visit the Camden Fringe website. 



12 Aug to 13 Aug
On Stage
The Phase

Bold. Brave. Blunt.

12 Aug to 13 Aug
On Stage
Rome 3000 (Julius Caesar)

A current & exciting adaptation

14 Aug
On Stage
London Theatre Celebrates Harry Styles

Performers Sing Covers Of The Hits

17 Aug to 18 Aug
On Stage

Abused? Abuser? Victim?

19 Aug to 20 Aug
On Stage
Some Boy You Are

Funny, Heartfelt, Life-affirming