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The Camden Fringe is a performing arts festival, established in 2006, which takes place across the month of August. 

It was set-up as an alternative to Edinburgh Festival, offering performers the chance to try out new material and different ideas in a supportive setting with less time and financial commitments than EdFringe did at the time.

The Camden Fringe aims to give anyone the chance to perform and showcase their talents, from very experienced performers and companies, to ambitious newcomers, and since 2006 the Camden Fringe has gained a reputation for supporting acts, providing helpful information and guidance for the acts involved.

We are proud to have been a venue at the festival for the last 4 years, welcoming a broad range of bold and innovative work into our space. 

And this year is no different. 




If you're aged 18 - 26 or know someone who is, you might be interested in Vanguard our membership for theatre-makers who are leading the way and creating new, innovative and exciting theatre. When you become a member you'll receive discounts on everything we have to offer, plus you'll be able to apply for projects, such as New Stuff, and other opportunities.


A timely & strange tragedy for ordinary folks
Tue 30 Jul to Wed 31 Jul   

Theatre Maker Showcase

New Work Created On Theatre Maker Courses
Tue 30 Jul   


Debut play from The SPYCE Collective.
Wed 31 Jul to Thu 1 Aug   


Prince struggles to find love by the sea
Thu 1 Aug to Fri 2 Aug   

Holy Land

Visceral new drama about fate & the internet...
Fri 2 Aug to Sat 3 Aug   

Rox Paper and The Scissors

Want to change the world? You have one vote
Sat 3 Aug   


A referendum brings two worlds together
Sat 3 Aug   

Toi, La Maladie

A visceral fusion of dance, circus, & poetry
Mon 5 Aug to Tue 6 Aug   

The Party

90 minutes of spite
Mon 5 Aug to Fri 9 Aug   

Alpha Who?

Exploring vulnerability & masculinity
Wed 7 Aug to Fri 9 Aug   

The Ideal Woman

Time to make Herstory
Sat 10 Aug to Wed 14 Aug   


Bedbound, Alice finds a new identity in VR
Mon 12 Aug to Tue 13 Aug   

Barflies Tales

Drink up before the devil knows you're dead!
Thu 15 Aug   

Holy Ovaries - a Work in Progress

A musical challenge to the supremacy of the womb
Thu 15 Aug   


A hilarious yet poignant tale of women on the edge
Sat 17 Aug to Sun 18 Aug   

The Lost Luggage Adventures

Kid's show with puppets & pop up set!
Sat 17 Aug   

My Other Self; The Evolution of Shakespeare's Richard III

Discover the story behind our most villainous King
Mon 19 Aug to Fri 23 Aug   

The Werewolf of Washington Heights

A family is forced to face terrifying truths
Mon 19 Aug to Fri 23 Aug