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Seven days in seven weeks to share and explore our dreams.

Dream Crossing fuses social dream-sharing with meditation, interaction and reflection.

Each week we’ll start with a meditation on a different energy centre in the body and an element, before crossing into the dreamspace to share our night time dreams or associations together. It's a place where dreams speak to dreams. 

We’ll explore how our inner worlds can create patterns of meaning, connect us to each other, to the world around us, and to the challenges we face today.

Throughout the 7 weeks we'll treat our dreaming as a creative partner. 

Is there a bridge between our dreaming state and the waking world?

How can Dream Crossing reveal what we hold in our collective unconscious ? 

As a community, let’s explore the collective meaning of our dreams together. 

Let’s reignite the art of dreaming in community again.


1. Earth | Trust                  7 pm, Wed 1st   July
2. Fire | Creativity              7pm, Wed 8th   July
3. Water | Power                7pm, Wed 15th July
4. Air | Love                       7pm, Wed 22nd July
5. Ether | Communication  7pm, Wed 29th July
6. Light | Awareness          7pm, Wed 5th   Aug
7. Vibration | Spirit             7pm, Wed 12th Aug

Book all 7 for the whole journey, or just join whichever days suit you. 


Who could benefit from this course?

  • All welcome, no experience needed, just curiosity and an open mind! 
  • Anyone interested in dreaming, consciousness exploration
  • Anyone wishing to start a regular dreaming practice or deepen an existing one 
  • Anyone curious about dreaming in a collective 

How does it work?

  • Each week, after a brief intro to social dreaming, I'll lead a meditation through a different energy centre in the body . Some weeks I'll invite you to bring a physical object to help keep us connected to eachother and our bodies while we're communicating via a screen
  • We'll share dreams in a social dream matrix, then reflect on the links and patterns that emerge between us to discover what they might mean for us, for our community and for the world we live in
  • The event will be on Zoom
  • There'll be a private Facebook group to continue exploring in between sessions for anyone who'd like to

What do you gain?

  • An opportunity to join a regular social dreaming space to share dreams, connect to community and access creativity
  • A weekly meditation and journey through the energy centres 
  • A regular dream practice

Course Length: 7 weeks

Term Dates : 1st July- 12 August

Times: Wednesdays 7pm-8.30pm 

Cost: £1 min/ £4 suggested donation


Host Biog
Kate Alderton is an independent dream researcher with a background in theatre, ever curious about finding ways to soften the borders between waking and dreaming, and interested in opening up spaces where we can re-ignite the art of dreaming in community again.  She has trained with LAMDA, The Centre for Social Dreaming, The Processwork Institute and with Damanhur

Further Info: https://dreamfishingsociety.com/