FREE Yoga Class for Women on Tuesdays 10-11 AM

Who could benefit from this course?
If you are new to Yoga or have practiced in the past but stopped because life got too busy; if you are a busy mum or work standing or sitting many hours a day; if you want to lose weight and become more supple; if you want to become more aware of your body, reduce stress and calm the busy mind – Yoga classes are perfect for you. 

How does it work?
Come to our class dressed in comfortable clothes you can move in, fill in an enrolment form and you are set to go. You can bring your own Yoga mat or use one of ours. You will be guided to practice at your own level and ability. Classes are free and funded by Westminster Council Community Keepers programme. 

What do you gain?
Our Yoga will improve your physical and mental health, help you lose weight, make your spine suppler and body more flexible, help reduce stress levels, and bring peace and harmony into your life

Dates, Times & Cost
Classes are FREE

Teacher/Creator Biog
Mala CHERGA Theatre (Little Carriage Theatre) is a dance, movement and physical theatre company that incorporates different art forms, physical and mind disciplines like Yoga and meditation, committed to delivering a high quality education and community programme. We bringing opportunities to children, young people and adults of different backgrounds, abilities and ages to enjoy, communicate and express themselves through fun, creative and healthy physical activities in variety of settings. Yoga Nitya is our community project for local residence who wish to engage in a physical activity that will improve their fitness level and physical and mental wellbeing. 

“Having just started yoga, I was extremely grateful to Nitya for her calm and patient teaching. She made what everything simple and ensured I was comfortable throughout, whilst making sure I received maximum benefit from this life changing practice. She's at great teacher who has inspired me to continue practising both at work and at home, which has had an astounding effect on both my mental and physical wellbeing.” Ben

"Thank you for the class yesterday!  l enjoyed the lovely, relaxing and friendly atmosphere you created by just being you and loving what you do. I hadn't been to a class for a long time, so l was expecting aches and pains today, but l have not had any - instead, l feel energised and empowered. My shoulders and neck feel relaxed and free and my thighs strong and fast - l felt that with every push of that chair, as l ran to take my toddler to his ‘sing & sign’ class on time this morning.  Very thoughtfully and sympathetically structured session - looking forward to the next one!” Adna

“My first yoga class last night and I don't think I've ‘ever’ felt as relaxed as I did after the final wind-down. I plan to be there every Tuesday. Thank you” Hannah


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