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Kids are curious and play around in the world. Then they grow up and they are transmogrified. They stop crying, jumping, doing what they like. They just succeed, go for meetings and say cool things.

Or none of that happens and they become clowns.

Hanging somewhere between poetry and foolery, while human tribes sanctify social acceptability and success, clowning is a firework inside the Matrix.  Hard to describe in less than eternity, clowning unveils, questions and subverts social norms whilst simultaneously inviting for a wholehearted self-acceptance. Combining lightness and depth, tragic awareness and comic mischief, clowning provides a unique chance of finding out what it is to ‘be’, in front of an audience.

Who could benefit from this course?

Actors, performers, comedians, directors, writers, devisers, light technicians or none of the above who have an eye for the ridicule and are curious to see in others and themselves;

Actors and performers who have forgotten why the wanted to act in the first place and struggle to find the fun in what they do;

Actors and performers who want to see the stage as a carnival of possibilities and not as minefield of things that could go wrong;

Anyone who has no experience on stage but loves breaking taboos and laughing at social norms;

Anyone who is tired of desiring to please others and getting things right;

Anyone who wants to stop being afraid of being afraid

How does it work?

The classes have been influenced by a variety of clowning and non-clowning sources, including the work of Richard Pochinko, Keith Johnstone, evolutionary theory, buddhist wisdom, but mostly by a never-ending process of bemused observation of the real in all of its wonderful forms. The classes are structured to cater both for those who are a bit scared and hesitant, and would like to find gentle cuddling and love but also for those who like to be shocked and learn through tough challenges. They will work from zen-sounding principles of acceptance, ‘be who you are’ and ‘nothing is forever’, but the tone will be light and the learning will happen through the anarchy of games. Through the course the students will be invited to perform with a red nose and a selection of surreal props, hats and curiosities, and, if they want, to fully dress up as what they like (drag queens are welcome).

What do you gain?

The ability to:

  • Become aware of the evolutionary mechanisms that regulate social interaction in performative context, of your own defence mechanisms, and how you specifically trick yourself and others in order to survive
  • Ignore all of the above and take risks anyway
  • Be yourself. Be a Clown. (I needed some inspirational motto)

Dates & Times

Wednesday October 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th at 6.30-9.30 pm

Teacher/Creator Biog

Mattia Mariotti has trained internationally at La Quinta Praticabile, the University of St Andrews and The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, from which he holds an MA in Actor Training and Coaching. He has a wide eclectic background as actor, performer, director, comedian, jester, guru and fringe curiosity trinket.  In 2013 in Ireland, he has encountered clowning, and since then the two have decided never to leave one another. Mattia currently teaches regularly at the Identity School of Acting and on a freelance basis.


‘Wow… I have never done anything like that’ (previous student)

‘As an actor I need to be barefaced and this helped me to work with those masks and facades that get in the way of the purity of performances’ (previous student)

‘Thank you Mattia, for allowing me to be totally insane!’ (previous student/genius)

‘With a wealth of practitioners more than ready to take the road most travelled by, Mariotti dares to tap dance into the sunset’ (previous observer, theatre critic)

‘It’s not true, Mariotti cannot dance for sh*t’ (actual dance floor witnesses)