Rainbow Ballet Studio

Who are we?

We are a registered School with the Royal Academy of Dance, the most influential and largest examining and teacher education organisation for classical ballet in the world. We provide non-syllabus classes and RAD graded and vocational examination training. Anyone who just love dance, irrespective of experiences, ages and gender is more than welcome to join.  All ballet class includes floor exercise, barre work and the centre.  All participants are required to wear ballet soft shoes and hair should be tied up.

What do you gain?

Ballet is now inclusive for everyone! It is a healthier life style. Besides the muscle strength, flexibility and coordination gained from ballet class, you will make friends here. All students have the opportunities to enter RAD ballet exams.

Dates, Times & Cost

The beginners class is on Wednesday from 18:30 to 19:30.  £65 for a fixed-term (consecutive 10 sessions) or drop-in at the rate of £8.
The improvers class is on Friday from 20:00 to 21:00. £65 for a fixed- term (consecutive 10 sessions) or drop-in at the rate of £8. New student can have a free taste class at this level. Appointment should be made in advance.
The stretching class is on Saturday from 10:00 to 11:00. £65 for a fixed- term (consecutive 10 sessions) or drop-in at the rate of £8.
For attending classes or other questions, please feel free to email me at rainbowballetstudioatgmail [dot] com


The instructor Hong (RAD RTS LRAD) successfully became an RAD registered teacher upon her graduation from the Royal Academy of Dance. Hong began dancing at the age of seven in China where Russian style was taught. She continued her ballet training when she came to the UK in Newcaslte and performed pas de deux from Nutcracker in Newcastle City Hall in 2012. Later she was admitted by the Royal Academy of Dance in London in 2014. Along the ballet training, Hong works with a few dance schools across London including English National Ballet School and established Rainbow Ballet Studio in 2015.


"I have been doing the amazing ballet classes with Hong. Through her inspiring teaching, I build up my confidence which really makes my life sparkle. I feel gracious for her consideration on each of us in spite of the age and ability. Thanks to the RainbowBalletStudio, I have never thought I could realise my ballet dream as an adult!" - Elaine


Rainbow Ballet Studio是唯一一所位于伦敦的皇家舞蹈学院旗下注册的华人舞蹈学校。欢迎在伦敦的华人跟着Rainbow一起走进芭蕾,只要你爱跳舞,无关身材,年龄,舞蹈基础。在这里您不仅可以学习最纯正的英皇芭蕾,结交志同道合的朋友,还有机会参加英皇的考级。Rainbow老师是英国皇家舞蹈学院的高级注册教师,执教于伦敦多个私立舞蹈学校,包括English National Ballet School。我们的芭蕾班上有在读学生,工作的白领,退休的妈妈,还有怀着宝宝的准妈妈。芭蕾在修炼挺拔气质的同时,也是一份优雅坚定的生活的态度,Rainbow希望带着更多华人让芭蕾走进我们的生活。我们的课程包括周三的零基础,周五提高班和周六的软开课。欢迎感兴趣的同学扫描下面的二维码,加入我们的微信公众号RainbowBalletStudio,或者邮件我rainbowballetstudioatgmail [dot] com。RainbowBalletStudio期待您的加入。

Please note: This class is being supported but not run by The Cockpit.