WRITE Theatre: Playwriting

May 22nd / 23rd and June 12th / 13th 2021

Course information:
For all our in-person courses at The Cockpit, the first weekend is devoted to workshops, seminars and one-to-one tutorials. Through a series of exercises and workshops, we enable writers to develop material from the first germs of an idea into the beginnings of a script.

The period between the first weekend and the second gives you an opportunity to revise and develop your writing.

For the SECOND weekend professional actors are present throughout.  Every writer on the course has the opportunity to see an extract from their script workshopped and rehearsed.

Timings: On both weekends, the Saturday workshops start at 10.00 a.m. and finish at 5.30 p.m.; the Sunday workshops start at 10.00 a.m. an finish at 5.00 p.m.

The workshops on both weekends will take place in the theatre space of  The Cockpit.

During the course you will be working on:

Generating material and ideas
Writing effective dialogue
Finding a voice
Characterisation and character development
Narrative, structure and plot
Visualisation, imagery and setting
Editing and rewriting
You will be taking part in:

Individual tutorials
Workshops with experienced professional actors (2nd weekend only)

The course will culminate in:

Script-in-hand performances by professional actors of short scripts or extracts that you will have developed during the course.
PLEASE NOTE:  During the workshops with actors WRITE Theatre participants will take part in discussions, but will NOT be required to act.

There is a strict UPPER LIMIT on the number of participants on any WRITE Theatre playwriting course.

For in-person courses we accept a maximum of 8 writers.

This is in order to allow sufficient workshop time for every participant’s script extract to be explored in depth during the second weekend.

The FEE for the in-person course is £400.