Cockpit Broadcast


Things are changing. And we are changing with them.

We are now bringing you a mixture of online content. 

Performances, Q&As, talks, music, film, classes, readings, scratch nights and good old fashioned chats. 

See below for what's coming up. 


Want to add to our Cockpit Broadcast programme?

Whether it's sharing something you've made, streaming a live performance, or filming something in the main space for broadcast (we've got a bit of a set up now!), we're up for it.

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Just Off Church Street

Our Online Community Channel. WATCH FREE ONLINE
Mon 11 May to Mon 31 May   

Jazz In The Round... At Yours & Ours

LIVE In The Venue (when we can) & ONLINE
Mon 26 Oct to Mon 28 Jun   

Journey To Nutopia - Good Vibes!

Watch past episodes free. - ONLINE
Sun 22 Nov to Thu 31 Dec   

Gareth and friends at the Cockpit

Nu-variety show LIVE on stage & ONLINE
Sat 30 Jan to Sun 28 Feb   

Theatre Maker

Our Theatre Making Community
Fri 31 Jul to Wed 30 Jun   

Theatre Maker Autumn Term 2020

Online Courses & Workshops
Mon 10 Aug to Mon 21 Dec   

Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival 2020

Tête à Tête is the future of opera
Tue 8 Sep to Mon 30 Nov   


A dystopian, work-in-progress, sci-fi play ONLINE
Tue 3 Nov to Tue 8 Dec   

All Us Girls Have Been Dead for So Long

Only a fool will attempt to stop us girls. ONLINE
Wed 4 Nov to Wed 9 Dec   

Theatre Maker Happy Hour

A monthly get-together. ONLINE
Thu 5 Nov to Thu 3 Dec   

An Ice Thing to Say

Visual theatre surviving the Anthropocene. ONLINE
Sat 7 Nov to Mon 14 Dec   

Right left with heels

Shoes of Magda Goebbels tell their story. ONLINE
Wed 11 Nov to Sun 20 Dec   

The Escape of Iris Dupont

Iris risks everything to escape outside. ONLINE
Sat 14 Nov to Sun 20 Dec   

Farewell Concert

Theatrical experiment with Mozart's Requiem ONLINE
Sat 14 Nov to Sun 20 Dec   

Alice in Wonderland

A tribute to unreason, fantasy and anarchy. ONLINE
Sun 15 Nov to Sun 20 Dec   

Theatre In The Pound

Our Monthly Scratch Night - NOW ONLINE
Mon 16 Nov to Mon 21 Dec   


A celebration of expression & movement. ONLINE
Tue 17 Nov to Sun 20 Dec   

Love Letters

A series of famous love stories. ONLINE
Wed 18 Nov to Sun 30 May   

Elena - Interactive Broadcast & On demand

A family marked by adversity. ONLINE
Fri 27 Nov to Fri 25 Dec   

Powder Room Talks: The Women of Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival 2020

Female opera makers discuss innovation. ONLINE
Fri 27 Nov   

New Stuff

Monthly Rehearsed Readings - ONLINE
Sun 6 Dec to Sun 7 Feb   

Christmas Is RUINED!

A fun, festive family show. LIVE on stage & ONLINE
Sun 6 Dec to Sat 26 Dec   


Live performance. Was in the bar. NOW ONLINE
Wed 30 Dec to Fri 25 Jun   

The Quest

A fun participatory audio story. WATCH FREE ONLINE
Wed 30 Dec to Fri 31 Dec   

Indra & The Amrit

A theatrical short film. WATCH FREE ONLINE
Wed 30 Dec to Fri 31 Dec   


A film created across the globe. WATCH FREE ONLINE
Wed 30 Dec to Fri 31 Dec   

Shebaa's Adventure to Jopplety How

Made for learning disabilities WATCH FREE ONLINE
Wed 30 Dec to Fri 31 Dec   

Making Theatre From Scratch

From Inspiration to Performance
6 sessions, plus a performance at our scratch night   

Kinaesthetic Intelligence Workshops

Emotional depth, without the psychological toll
3 October, 7 November, 5 December(advanced) 3:00-5:30PM   

Theatre Maker 1:1 Advice Sessions

personalised advice to help you take the next step
1:1 sessions by appointment   

Finance and Budgeting for Artists

Budget, schmudget! NBD. Let's build one together.
28 November 2020   


A Six Week Course with Daisy Campbell