Consent / Taboo

This series of events is currently postponed until further notice. 

A lot has changed since the arrival of chemical contraception and the sexual revolution in the 1960s. And a lot has changed since Stonewall. Rights have been gained and minds opened. But would we argue sex has got simpler, or safer, or even better?

Consent/Taboo is a new programme strand at The Cockpit seeking to look under the bonnet of changing attitudes and practices to see where the less talked about problems and dangers of new sex - as well as freedoms and gains - might lie.

New challenges have arisen as trans debates have re-problematised gender politics. Some gains face roll back. At the same time, hetronormative behavour is changing as more people try polyamourous or open relationships. The fetish scene too has proliferated. And old hetronormative behaviour is being re-evaluated. Do the old models and assumptions concerning eligilbility, attraction, responsibility and rights benefit women? or men? or people with disabilities? or older people? or those de-gendered? or, in fact, anybody? And then of course there is #MeToo and a new broadbased but still less than universal refusal to tolerate abuse and harrasment.

At a time when sex, love, procreation and partnership have decoupled, new models of family life are emerging; while the digital revolution has revolutionised casual sex, dating and eroticism.

But while queer live art has flourished, writing for theatre about the new problems of new attitudes to sex and sexuality is harder to find.

Not all shows in the consent/taboo programme will cover all these issues - or even any of them. But they will all take on a less travelled dimesion of contempory trends and attitudes when it comes to sex.

Would we argue we are more free and more gloriously sexual than ever before?
Or do we still need taboos?

If so, what taboos do we need for the 21st century?

And when it comes to the negative downsides of sex, does consent cover it?