Reception & Box Office (Monday to Friday, 10.30am - 6pm. Saturday, 12 noon - 6pm)
reception [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk
0207 258 2925
General enquiries, ticket purchases, studio hires, website queries, deliveries, lost property.....

Dave Wybrow  - Theatre Director
dave [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk
Initial show hire enquiries and negotiations, using the auditorium, brilliant ideas, complaints and plaudits.

Akilah Dale - Finance Officer & Box-office Manager
finance [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk 
0207 258 2922

Beth White - Programming assistant, website set-up and contracting
beth [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk


Abeo Neequaye - Bar Manager
abeo [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk

Deb Jones  - Technical Production Manager
deb [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk

Technical team
tech [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk

Fayaz Zayat - Weekend Manager
fayaz [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk

Jennie Buckley - Building Manager
jennie [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk​">jennie [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk

Chris Lincé - Video and media lead, graphic design and branding guidelines
chris [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk

Kat Gardner - Marketing, social media
kat [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk

Tom Lee - Broadcast Producer
Tom [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk">​Tom [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk

Michelle Olley - Press
michelle [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk">michelle [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk

Theatre Maker - Theatre Maker classes and opportunities
TheatreMaker [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk

Theatre In The Pound
pound [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk

New Stuff
getinvolved [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk

Camden Fringe
camdenfringe [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk

Just Off Church St
participate [at] justoffchurchst [dot] co [dot] uk

Kids [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk

The management team - building and facilities management, water leaks, noise, vandalism, out of hours email contact.
Management [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk

lates [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk

hello [at] voilafestival [dot] co [dot] uk

Jazz In The Round (Programming)
alex_j_watson [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk

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