Covid: 19

"We're here to help each other get through this thing, whatever it is" (Kurt Vonnegut: the meaning of life)

Welcome Home. 

We are open for space hires from July 21st.

We never really left, but now we’re a little closer to welcoming you all back in person. Small, socially distanced steps...

We are getting ready for The Cockpit to be full of life again. For the past three months, we’ve been booking, producing and programming live shows and events for later this year, next year and beyond. We’re not quite there yet but when we get the green light, we’re raring to go. 

For now, though, our spaces can be used for some things. We can host auditions but not audiences. Small classes but not contact improvisation. Film shoots and rehearsals, but no fitness sessions or dancing. 

Hey, it’s a start.

Also, to ease things along for everyone we are scheduling on a loss-free To Be Confirmed basis: we do all the creating, talking and contracting in advance but only put tickets on sale once we know the show can happen. Until then all deposits remain fully refundable, and it's easy to postpone things to a later date further down the road if we need to do that. The clause we are using is here:


Covid 19:  Provision for postponement.  
Confirmation clause.
This clause provides a means whereby business can be conducted, agreements made and shows planned and prepared while providing  for postponement on a 'no loss' basis.
This contract shall stand to enable both parties to progress preparations for the show. This includes preparing tickets for sale and publishing the show dates in the normal way marked ' show to be confirmed'. No tickets to be placed on sale at this stage. 
  • The contract shall become fully operational when and only when both parties have agreed by email to proceed on a confirmed basis and place tickets on sale. 
  • This confirmation can take place at any time with respect to prevailing  circumstances. Both parties understand that, depending on circumstances, it may not be possible for it to take  place at all.  
  • Up until confirmation takes place, the show and contract can  be cancelled by either party by written request at any time. 
  • Otherwise the assumption remains that the show go ahead on the agreed dates below or on deferred dates later, as a postponement,  to be agreed by both parties, if mutual confirmation of original dates turns out not to be possible.
Meanwhile and until such mutual confirmation, all deposits paid remain fully refundable and no cancellation conditions apply to either party.
Once mutual confirmation of the show going ahead is made by exchange of emails. All cancellation conditions apply as usual on both sides.

We also continue to develop online shows, events, classes, scratch nights, readings, meet-ups as well as live-mix filming and streaming opportunities. And we offer a growing range of ways to get things online - whether or not you want to use The Cockpit as a live venue.   Broadcast/streaming info ​here​.      Film shoots here

Upcoming shows and events​ we are broadcasting are all here

Theatre Maker classes and courses here

Theatre Maker classes and courses continue online and will be back in real space just as soon as we can. Other courses and classes will be back asap too!



Studio Hires, Film shoots, Meetings, Auditions...

If you can do it socially distanced, you can probably do it at The Cockpit.

Examples of things we can do:

● Film shoots
● Auditions
● Read throughs
● Some rehearsals where distance can be maintained
● Workshop/devising sessions where distance can be maintained
● Classes - where distance can be maintained

Examples of things we can't do yet,

● Dance classes
● Sports,
● Fitness activities
● Contact improvisation and the like.

Maximum occupancy

We have set maximum numbers to cater comfortably for social distancing - so long as you are certain your activity can deal with that.
Studio 1​ - Maximum 10
Studio 2​ - Maximum 6
Studio 3​ - Maximum 8

● Maximum 30 (with seats out.)
● 10 (with seats in.)

Dressing rooms​
● Maximum 6 each

Space booking  and other contacts:

Studios ​reception [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk
Location hire, film shoots, auditorium rehearsal dry-hire ​deb [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk
Theatre hires and collaborations dave [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] ukdave [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk
Classes theatremaker [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk">​theatremaker [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk
Conference events/ seminars //Beth [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk">Beth [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk
Broadcast tom [at] thecockpiot [dot] org [dot] uk

COVID house Rules

● Do not enter The Cockpit if you are at all ill. If you feel ill while you are here, let us know, pack up and go home.
● Use hand sanitizer on entering The Cockpit.
● No contact greetings. Smile beguilingly instead....
● Stay at least 1 m apart from others, minimum. If you cannot do it socially distanced, you cannot do it at The Cockpit. Keep the windows open and use the street outside as well as the foyer for breaks.
● Please follow all signage. It is current and up to date.
● Wash your hands frequently. Use hand sanitiser after you’ve touched anything in the building including yourself.
● BEFORE YOU LEAVE Please wipe down all surfaces you and your group have touched by hand before you leave, using the cleaning materials in each space.

Prior to arrival:

You and your group must not have tested positive or be showing symptoms of Covid-19, nor have come into contact with someone who has tested positive within 14 days prior to arrival.
If you or someone in your group starts to show symptoms of Covid-19 while you are at The Cockpit you are to tell a member of staff present and pack up and leave immediately.

To confirm your booking:
● Please​ make sure you have undertaken a risk assessment​ for your activity in the light of the pandemic. This must include provision for social distancing in line with current guidelines.
● Please​ make sure you have completed your booking form ​with the names and contact numbers for you and everyone in your group. This is for track and trace use only. We will keep this information for 21 days. We will not pass this information on outside of track and trace and will not use it for marketing. Bring a pen to sign in with.
● Please​ pay for your booking in advance by the date agreed with you​ - we cannot take payments on site. All bookings remain unconfirmed until paid for and will lapse once the due by date is passed unless paid up..

Please come prepared to slow down​. Social distancing, hand washing and cleaning take time.
Please bring drinking water with you. We cannot supply free water just now although we will try to have bottled water on sale.



● There are no reception staff stationed at The Cockpit - just technical staff. Please make sure you have all the info you need before you arrive. (We are really sorry but we are not able to assist with photocopying or any other admin work, or offer reception services for you or people in your group or working with you.)
● Remember to sign in using the book on the right in the entrance lobby - (bring a pen)
● Toilets: these are now single occupancy, one out, one in. Please use the vacant/engaged locks on the outer doors.
● Please respect our staff when they are cleaning, when the cleaning sign is up please give them space to do their job to ensure your and their safety.
● Hand washing & social distancing: there are soap dispensers in the toilets and various sanitiser pumps located on site, please use them! It's easy to forget but please remember social distancing still applies to luvvies! please respect others and keep the 1m+ rule!

Key points:
● Slow down - and please comply with signs.
● Leave time for cleaning. And wash your hands.
● Pay for your booking and get your admin sorted before you arrive. Bring everything with you and take it away
● Know your group, make certain they are not unwell and make sure we have correct contact info. We might need to contact you for track and trace.
● Risk assess your activity with regard to social distancing
● Use the street outside for breaks
● Give space - take space. Stay apart. If you feel ill - let us know and leave imediately.

We are connecting with and supporting everyone however we can.
Please stay in touch by joining the Mailing list at the bottom of the page. Also don't hesitate to get in touch with us via reception [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk if you think there is something we can help with.

We are working on ways to help our local communities as well as our broader arts community and will love to hear from you.