Dissident Voices


Produced and presented by The Cockpit in collaboration with PEN International
With Peter Marinker and Kristin Milward


A monthly program of readings giving voice to dissident writers, past and present.

In collaboration with PEN International. 

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A Second Nero's Burning of Rome

Hosted in person in Studio 1, and live online.   


Friedrich Reck-Malleczewen and Etty Hillesum were two extraordinary diarists writing during the war.  One was a Prussian nobleman with all the attitudes of his class, whose hatred and contempt for the Nazis elevated his prose to heights of prophecy as well as genius.

Etty Hillesum was a young Jewish woman, whose family had lived in Holland for hundreds of years.  She was of her time: emancipated, educated, urbane, with a bohemian lifestyle and a circle of interesting friends.  She moves from that world to a life of the spirit, driven by a profound belief in God and the sanctity of life.  She chooses not to hide, but to embrace her fate, first at a notorious transit camp in Holland, later at Auschwitz.

Reck was driven by hate; Etty by love.


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English translation by JOHN FREEDMAN

First broadcast as a live stream on Saturday 26 March 2021 at 7pm

August 2020.  The streets of Minsk are teeming with protesters, as news gets out that the presidential elections have been rigged.

Thugs have been flown in from all over the ex Soviet Union, they're given free rein to do what they like to the protesters - terrorise, beat them to death, threaten gang rape.

A manicurist and a football hooligan meet in a prison van.
The President screams, "If you don't want Lugashenko, you'll get Putin!"
The woman standing against him asks of us all, "What are you willing to do for love?".

Andrei Kureichik wrote this play on the hoof, as events spread like wildfire in Belarus last summer.  It's a damning indictment of a repressive regime, where rigged elections are a commonplace and violence is currency.  The police lob grenades at the protesters, but they just keep on protesting...


Oldster (Lugashenko):  Peter Marinker
Youth (Lugashenko's teenage son, Kostya):  Tom Cawte
Novice (Svetlana Tikhonovskaya):  Polly Misch
Cheerful (Lena): Saffron Coomber
Avian (Roma):  Dikran Tulaine
Corpse (Nikita):  Sam Mac
Mentor (a teacher):  Kristin Milward
Directors: Kristin Milward and Oliver Senton


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