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COVID information

Thank you for continuing to use our spaces, you can read our full Covid-19 guidelines here

Studio information

Whether it's a show, rehearsal, photo or film shoot, auditions, writing session, seminar... we have a space for you!

All of our spaces are available to hire from 10am until 10pm. When hiring our spaces you’ll have access to our free WIFI; as well as chairs and tables. Some other items are available to hire at an additional charge (more info)

Please note that our studios are on the first floor and can only be accessed via a spiral stairway.

Film shoots are not permitted in the studios, if it takes two hands to carry equipment up the stairs it can’t be used in the studios. For film shoot enquiries email Deb: shoots [at] reserve the right to cancel your booking if we deem that you are using the studios for unsuitable activities so please be forthcoming when asked what you are using the space for.


How to hire a space:

  • To bring a show to The Cockpit, email dave [at] .
  • For more information about bringing a show to be part of our broadcast strand, see our Broadcasts page.
  • For Film Shoots, see our Shoots At The Cockpit page.
  • For studio hires less than a month away, call 020 7258 2925 (lines open between 10.30am - 6pm Monday to Friday & 12-6pm on Saturday’s) - we take payment at the time of booking so please have your card ready.
  • For studio hires more than a month away please email your enquiry to studios [at]
    • When emailing, please be sure to include a contact phone number, tell us what the activity is you're hiring for, and roughly how many people it will involve.
  • Make sure you know the email address you booked with when you call so we can find you on our system.

For FAQ's have a look at our Studio Users' Guide


All members of our Theatre Maker community can get a 20% discount on their studio hire cost. 

To be eligible for our Theatre Maker discount you must have done one of the following: 
  • Taken part in a Theatre Maker course or workshop
  • Taken part in Theatre In The Pound
  • Taken part in New Stuff

Availability calendar:  This gives you a guide to which spaces are free up one month in advance, but does not give the complete picture - do get in touch to check. Opening times vary on Sundays.
 White space means there may be slots available, but you'll need to contact us to check as we may have pencilled long-term hires. Coloured blocks indicate which spaces have already been booked and for how long.

Studio 1 = Purple
Studio 2 = Green
Studio 3 = Yellow


The Auditorium

Cockpit Theatre Auditorium

The Auditorium is a large, versatile space seating up to 220 in-the-round, or 170 in thrust configuration.

Size: Approximately 8.6m x 6.6m (28ft x 22ft) playing space in thrust. In the round its about a 6.6 m playing space with the seats in or 11m x 11m with the seats out.  Total headroom is 8.5 m.

Guideline costs: Public events

Longer solo shows: For full evening or two act shows (anything over 80 mins running time), longer runs of a few days to a few weeks are really what we are about but we consider one day events too. For a show in a day, think in terms of around £590 plus get-in time at £45 an hour. Prices are inclusive and there are no extras or contras to pay. The basic performance price includes box office, bar, front of house facilities and staffing, etc. but you need to factor in get-in time during the day for technical work, rehearsal etc. This means longer runs of more than one day, with later get-in times on days once the show is up and running,  are more economical. Price negotiable according to length of run, complexity and anticipated attendance of drinkers. Additional get-in and rehearsal time is flexible and negotiable and the fee includes technical support during your get-in to get you started. Additional technical support of every kind available.

Shorter shows as double bills: For one-act shows (one hour approx), its sometimes possible to share an evening with another one-act show, lowering the cost.  Got a one-act show? Know another company with one too.....?   

If you want to hire the auditorium  for a show of any kind email Dave Wybrow; dave [at]

Guideline costs: Dry hire

£22 per hour for non-public, dry-hire events such as rehearsals, and approximately £45 an hour for tech rehearsals and film and photographic shoots dependant on exact requirements, contact deb [at] for further info.

Rehearsal Capacity in-line with Covid-19 guidelines: Maximum 30 (with seats out.) 10 (with seats in.)

Click here for the nuts and bolts technical details
Click here for more on the next steps for bringing a show to The Cockpit




Studio 1

Studio 1

Studio 1 - Ideal for dance and large group activities

  • A large bright room with heaps of natural daylight (floor to ceiling windows, with curtains for blackout)
  • Thick Harlequin rehearsal dance floor
  • Mirrored wall (with curtains)
  • Sound system with CD player and input for iPods/laptops.  
  • Small lighting rig with 30A power supply and 6-channel dimmer.
    (This can only be used when booked in advance with an in-house technician present.)
  • There is also a small room available for changing in (available upon request).  

Size: Approximately 8m x 7m (26ft x 23ft)

Capacity: Usual maximum 20

Maximum headroom: 2.8m (approx. 9ft)

Hourly rate: £22
Half day rate: (10am - 2pm/2-6pm) £83
Full day rate: (10am - 6pm) £158
If our studios are busy we are able to offer rehearsal space as available in the auditorium for the same price as Studio 1, with domestic power supply and fluorescent lighting but no theatre lighting, aircon or access to gantry, dressing rooms or workshop. Please be aware that there may be items of set or set dressings in place, although usable floor area will always be equivalent to Studio 1. 

Please note that our studios are on the first floor and can only be accessed via a spiral stairway.


Studio 2

Studio 2

Studio 2 - our smallest space and is used for small group rehearsals, auditions and readings. Not recommended for dance/movement rehearsals or large companies.

  • Good flat acoustic response (As an ex-recording studio, the space is acoustically treated, but is not soundproofed).
  • There is no natural daylight in this room (as there are no windows) but still plenty of light.
  • Extractor fan which removes the warm air from the room. No air conditioning.

Size: Approximately 5m x 5m (16ft x16ft). 

Capacity: Usual maximum 15

Maximum headroom: 2.2m (approx. 7ft)

Hourly rate: £10 per hour

Please note that our studios are on the first floor and can only be accessed via a spiral stairway.


Studio 3

Studio 3

Studio 3 - ideal for meetings, writing sessions, table readings.

  • A bright, tall room with four large skylights
  • Tables and chairs, available.  
  • Whiteboards are available
  • Phone and internet connections available.

Size: Approximately 5m x 6m (16ft x 20ft)

Capacity: Usual maximum 20

Maximum headroom: 2.3m (approx. 7ft)

Hourly rate: £14 per hour

Please note that our studios are on the first floor and can only be accessed via a spiral stairway.

Additional Equipment (Available with £20 deposit)

Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z150 with headphone/mini jack.
Yamaha P-45 Digital Piano (Can only be used in Studio Two, additional £10 hire fee is payable at the time of booking)
Yamaha PSR-E343 Electric Piano with stand (Can be used anywhere in the building.)
Five octave (61 keys) full-size keyboard with touch response
Connectivity - 1 x Headphone Out
Please note: although this electric piano can be used with a compatible sustain pedal, we do not have one on site. You are welcome to bring your own.

Booking Terms & Conditions

When booking our spaces you will receive our Studio Users Guide which will give you a little more information about using our spaces. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email - studios [at]

Please note: We only hire to people over the age of 18. If you may have anyone under 18 in attendance, you will need to conduct a Risk Assessment for your hire. You are welcome to book a time with reception to visit the space to do this.

Payment - Your booking is not confirmed unless it has been paid for. Currently, we can only accept payment using a debit or credit card over the phone.

Bookings and cancellations policy - We accept cancellations subject to two weeks notice, in advance, and will refund fee paid minus a 15% admin charge (minimum of £10). Cancellations with less than two weeks notice are charged at full rate. We will reschedule your booking at your request, subject to availability. Transfers are made at our discretion, are subject to a 15% admin charge (minimum of £10) and can be denied at any time. Unfortunately we cannot leave less than two hours between daytime bookings (10am - 6pm) in the same studio when being hired by the same person or company