A Film Made Across The Globe

Produced and presented by Genau Dance Co
Hosted as part of Cockpit Broadcast 


A short film about the fears, worries and frustrations of being isolated, looking at the lockdown we all experienced.

Genau dance company has been working on a trilogy around the theme of Resilience, with the final piece, Hoffnung (hope), scheduled to be performed here, but currently on hold.

Since both resilience and hope are terribly relevant and necessary right now, Director Maika Klaukien decided to create an extra, virtual, piece, in spite of the fact that the members of the company find themselves spread all over the globe.

A very small idea grew into a very adventurous and creative project, and on a voluntary basis, everyone has put their Corona-worried thoughts aside and their creative hats on.

Lichtblick was developed together with genau dance company, in collaboration with Maaya Egami editor, Jonathan Samuels visual director, and multimedia producer/director Tim Dindjer.

Screening here and on our Facebook Page 

Part of Theatre Maker