Things are changing. And we are changing with them.

We are now bringing you a mixture of LIVE ONLINE content. 

Performances, Q&As, talks, music, film, classes, readings, scratch nights and good old fashioned chats. 

See below for what's coming up. 


Want to add to our Cockpit Broadcast programme?

Whether it's sharing something you've made, streaming a live performance, or filming something in the main space for broadcast (we've got a bit of a set up now!), we're up for it.

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27 Jul to 15 Oct
12 Sep - 7.00pm
Journey To Nutopia

Future Positive Talks & More...

Theatre Maker

Our Theatre Making Community

Next Date TBC
ABTT Online Seminars

Hear From Industry Experts

27 Jul to 26 Aug
Her War

A Traumatised Nurse Struggles

28 Jul to 27 Aug
HER BODY: The Anatomy of a Woman

An Authentic Embodiment Of A Woman

29 Jul to 29 Aug
The Crocodile of Old Kang Pow - Acts 1 and 2

The Marquis De Sade Goes On A Quest

30 Jul to 29 Aug
Come Bargain With Uncanny Things

You Must Negotiate With The Fey

31 Jul to 30 Aug
Guide to the Lakes

An Operatic Picnic & Travel Guide

1 Aug - 7.00pm
New Stuff

Monthly Rehearsed Readings

2 Aug to 4 Sep
2 Aug to 3 Sep
Shut Down The Club

An Operatic Techno Rave After Covid

3 Aug to 7 Sep
The Monk of the River

A Chinese-Western Epic Of Justice

4 Aug to 4 Sep
While There's Light

Love Amid A Militaristic Society

4 Aug to 1 Sep
The Castle of Crossed Destinies

Calvino's Novel Linking All History

5 Aug to 5 Sep
The Unravelling Fantasia of Miss H.

A Woman Struggles In An Asylum

6 Aug to 6 Sep

A Robot-Human Couple Seek Help

6 Aug to 6 Sep

Come & Use An Operatic Dating App

7 Aug to 7 Sep

Sophie Taeuber-Arp's Life

7 Aug to 7 Sep

2 Esports Players Face Hard Choices

8 Aug to 8 Sep
The Language of Flowers

A Swashbuckling Princess' True Tale

8 Aug to 8 Sep

An Operatic Gardening TV Show

5 Sep to 29 Oct
Camino to COP26

People's walk for the planet

17 Sep to 15 Oct

A Sci-Fi Fashion Opera

20 Sep - 7.00pm
Theatre In The Pound

A Monthly Scratch Night.

15 Nov to 21 Nov
VOILA! Europe 2021

Our Annual European Festival