The Rocktocademy

Unleash Your Inner Rockstar!

26 Nov

£9 / £30 for a family of 4
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Produced by Rocktopus
Presented by The Cockpit

The Rocktocademy is an action packed, live music show which leaves the audience feeling like THEY are the true rockstars! 

At the Rocktocademy, Rocktopus, the world’s number 1 rock band for kids, will help you unleash your inner rockstar as you graduate from rookie to rocker at this fully inclusive and interactive family show suitable for all young children.

Woven through a set of 12 catchy, original and interactive rock songs, from their popular first and second albums, are the 10 skills which every kid needs to master before becoming a true rockstar. After learning the skills, which include the ‘Rockstar Moves’, getting ‘Performance Fit’, and ‘Having a Jam’, the children choose a name for their brand new rock band and prepare for the ultimate challenge: achieve the impossible and create their first hit song with Rocktopus in just 10 minutes, in time for their first live performance! Are you ready to rock?  It's time to enter the Rocktocademy!

Sunday 26 November - 2pm