Waiting for the sunrise

This page is for all the shows that we reluctantly had to postpone due to the Covid -19 edpedemic.

We are working hard to bring them all back just as soon as we can find dates that work for everyone.

As soon as the new dates are fixed, the shows will go back onto the main homepage.


To strike a match to light up the void
Sat 23 May to Mon 24 May   

Lord Of The Flies

Only the strongest will survive...
Wed 1 Jul to Mon 1 Mar   

Clare and Cory Share a (Glorious) Story

Sharing, exploring... and really big pants
Sat 25 Jul to Sat 24 Jul   

The Addams Family

Your favourite family in a musical comedy
Fri 30 Oct to Sat 31 Oct   

The Rocktocademy

Unleash Your Inner Rockstar at the Rocktocademy!
Sat 28 Nov to Sat 27 Mar