Game of Governments

Who Will Take Out The Bins?

Full price: £ 15 | Concessions: £12
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Produced and presented by Geoffrey Williams Productions

Game of Governments

The natives of Tiny Island are restless.
The powers that be are disgruntled.
Leadership changes hands frequently and violently.
Each new government is worse than the last. The exhausted citizens are left worrying about what really counts: who’s going to collect their bins?

Game of Governments is an over the top theatrical joke, with a gentle reminder that politicians are supposed to work for us. Aren’t they? 
It's a non-partisan show about the absurdities of politics, political systems and the people who live with the consequences.

Feeling like the world of theatre needed a light-hearted and just plain silly comedy, Game of Governments started as an idea by director and playwright Geoffrey Williams back in 2019. After a year in hiatus, Game of Governments is now at the Camden Fringe in 2021 before a UK tour is planned.

Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 August - 4pm

Thursday 19 and Friday 20 August - 4pm

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