Deserted Shores // Negative Photographs

Empty Chairs at a Family Gathering

19 Nov

£10 Tickets
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Produced & Presented by GalataPerform

Deserted Shores // Negative Photographs focuses on a woman imagining a family gathering that never happened after a tragedy connected to the uneasy political atmosphere of the 90s in Turkey. Kübra Balcan, Yaman Ceri, Meral Çetinkaya, Banu Fotocan and Ahmet Ayaz Yilmaz take part in this play which creates an aesthetic with the combination of video, sound, performance and installation without physically bringing the audience and the performers together.

The play, designed during the Covid-19 period creates unconventional watching technique while reflecting on the soul of the current period.

Watch Party Friday 19 November at 7:00pm

Performed in Turkish with English subtitles
40 minutes + 3D installation + post show discussion in English

On demand from 20 November until 1 December


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"The combination of theatre performance and film editing techniques gives the work the freedom to move according to the rule of imagination, rather than the rule of logic." Yizhou Zhang, The Theatre Times
"A performance with a taste of Bergman's cinematographic genius." Yasam Kaya, tiyatronline
"A timeless play with great visuality." Dikmen Gurun, Cumhuriyet
"A production of meticulous detail which sets the bar high." Bahar Cuhadar, Hurriyet
"Working with rather than against the loss and regrets in life, the performance transforms the remains of an unfortunate household into a dreamscape of restored ties and conversations." Yizhou Zhang, The Theatre Times

Cast & Creative Team
Written by: Ferdi Çetin
Directed by: Yeşim Özsoy
Dramaturgy: Ozan Ömer Akgül
Cinematography & Editing & Coloring: Noyan Ayturan
Lighting Design: Ayşe Sedef Ayter
Music Design: Çağrı Beklen
Animation: Nisan Yetkin
Stage & Costume Design: Ferdi Çetin
Stage Technician & Styling: İrem Dilaver
Camera & Drone: Serdar Çam
Violin: Gülfem Güler
Violoncello: İsmail Hakkı Gayretli
“Kimseye Etmem Şikayet” Composition: Kemani Serkis Efendi
Solo Singer: Neşe Sarısözen Adalı
Project Assistant & Stage Manager: Senem Birlik
Assistant Director: Ahmet Ayaz Yılmaz
Technical Team: Uğur Aksu, Umut Rışvanlı, Aslı Dinci
Video Shooting Assistant: Nilay Yerebasmaz
Performers: Kübra Balcan, Yaman Ceri, Meral Çetinkaya, Banu Fotocan, Ahmet Ayaz Yılmaz

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