Songwriting & the Stage

Whether starting from scratch or evolving an idea, discover how songwriting may help to enhance your creative process, develop your existing works, and expand the possibilities of what can take place on stage.

Artist, songwriter and band leader Bridget Walsh will take you through a series of ideas, activities, conversations and case studies to help remix your creative process and explore new possibilities for how you make your art. Through a series of three workshops that can be taken independently, as a duo or as a full set, you can explore your lyrical voice, refine and evolve your existing ideas and talk through examples of how music can help to bring new perspectives and experiences to your output and craft.

Shoshin (初心) is a word from Zen Buddhism meaning "beginner's mind." It refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, just as a beginner would.

Who could benefit from this course?
Artists, producers, creative practitioners and theatre makers who are at a beginning / intermediate stage of using song and music in their wider craft, or simply people who are looking for a new approach to tap into their creative well and potential. Each workshop builds on the one previous, but you can choose to join one, two or all three depending on your experience and interest levels.

How does it work?
All sessions take place online via Zoom.

Workshop one: Starting from scratch
For beginners and / or artists and theatre makers who are looking refresh their writing approach and tap into “Beginner’s Mind”. A safe space to play with new ideas through methods like free-writing, character work and word play, where there is no wrong answer. Bring headphones, pen and paper and yourself, wherever you’re at. Any ideas you come up with will feed in nicely to workshop two.

Workshop two: Evolving an idea
For people who have attended workshop one, or people who already have a few lyric / song ideas in their pocket that are waiting to be developed and refined. Talk through a case study to trace how a single song can have many iterations, and apply some of these ideas to your own works. Explore top-lining to some set chords, with lyrics you wrote in workshop one, or others you already have of your own. Bring headphones, pen and paper, your instrument of choice (if you have one) and at least one song, lyric or song idea that you’d like to build on.

Workshop three: Dramaturgy of song
For anyone who has an interest in exploring and discussing how song and music can be used in theatre. Dig a little deeper into some musicality ideas and explore different examples of how music is used on stage to create and enhance emotion, tension, expression and more. Discuss a range of technical terminology, but also some more organic and textural ideas to complement the theory. Bring headphones, pen and paper and a chosen example of music being used on stage - no wrong answers!

What do you gain?
- fresh perspectives in approaching your craft
- new ideas to take away and explore
- opportunities for discussion and collaboration
- an exploration of your art practice through the lense of song-writing
- a wider appreciation of how music and song can enhance on stage performances
- a refreshing way to start your weekend and feel inspired and motivated for the week ahead!

Dates, Times & Cost
Saturday 25 September, 11am-1:30pm 
Workshop 1: Starting from scratch

Saturday 2 October, 11am-1:30pm 
Workshop 2: Evolving an idea

Saturday 9 October, 11am-1:30pm 
Workshop 3: Dramaturgy of song

Price per workshop: 
£20 Early bird (book by 12pm on 12 September)
£25 Regular price 
10% off when booking 2 or more sessions.

Originally from Aotearoa (NZ), Bridget has been touring with UK bands since 2013, with a résumé that includes Glastonbury, Boomtown, Sono Centrum, Shambala, Latitude, Estragon Club, Subsonic, Auckland Arts Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe. A vocalist, composer and keys player, Bridget is bandleader and frontwoman of London future-soul collective 10:32, with Lyle Barton, Digby Lovatt and Radovan Brtko.

10:32 debuted at Isle of Wight Festival 2018 and have since played and toured internationally with sessions, shows, broadcasts and festivals in the UK, NZ, Australia and the USA. Their 2021 EP "Aequus Animus" was recorded at London’s Total Refreshment Centre and produced by Hackney-based Melbourne artist, Lewis Moody (ZFEX, 30/70). A follow up single version of "Seedling" was released for Earth Day with award-winning Aotearoa artist, Troy Kingi.

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“Re-sparked my drive to keep on keeping on”  - University of Auckland masterclass, NZ

“Insightful, offering new and innovative ways to develop your songwriting skills and creative flow…So lovely to have [Bridget] lead the session - it was so nice to be in a space to share so openly. The workshop was intimate and insightful, allowing us all to become vulnerable and listen to each other’s ideas. I was sceptical at first, I did not consider myself a song writer, however Bridget showed us we can all find the inspiration and creativity to do it” - Music for Youth workshop, UK

“Bridget is an explosive performer and truly unique in her ability to bring joy to an audience. She is fresh and on the pulse of what audiences actually need." - Sxip Shirey, artist and producer, NYC