Directing & Performing In The Round

A one-day short course covering the pitfalls, advantages, exasperation, and inspiration of working in the round, led by Cockpit director Dave Wybrow.

Who could benefit from this course?

  • Directors who are drawn to working in the round but have little or no experience of it
  • Actors that need basic knowledge to draw on should they find themselves in the round
  • Theatre makers interested in the intimate relationship with audience and theatrical dynamism the round can facilitate

How does it work?
A one day active seminar in the auditorium at The Cockpit with chalk and talk, workshop exercises, and discussion.

What do you gain?
Confidence to work in the round and inspiration in terms of what it can do. We'll cover:
Why to use the round
The Democracy of the round
The immersive round
Relationship with audience
Dramatic optimisation; the amphitheatre and the stadium
Blocking for the round: Sightlines, Status and conflict. Spaces. Using diagonals. Offsetting.
Going end on in the round (with the audience in a horse shoe shape)
Performing in the round: Mediating the action. Asides. Using eyes. The theatre close-up. Modulating distance and intimacy. Back acting. Turning it out. Melodrama. Opening out the action.
Holding the whole audience: using voms.
Dividing the audience: parallel actions. How the audience watch each other and how to use that.
Taking a bow.

Dates, Times & Cost
Sunday, 24 October
10:00am to 5:00pm (including lunch break)

£60 early bird (book by 11 October)
£70 regular price

This course takes place in person at The Cockpit: Gateforth Street, London NW8 8EH.

Dave has been director of The Cockpit for over 20 years, directing many in the round shows and collaborating with and advising a great many more. He studied film and drama at Universtity of Reading and has worked in theeatre in London, America, Russia, and Greece. During lockdown he chaired a series of seminars  covering various aspects of working in the round for the Stephen Jospeh Committee (part of ABTT)  and is a pannelist judge for the Stephen Joseph Award, recently awarded to Persis-Jade Maravala.