You In My House

Two People In A Flat And A Voice

15 Nov to 21 Nov

£5 Tickets
This event is part of: 

Produced and presented by National Theatre Drama Prague
Czech Republic
supported by the Czech Centre, London
and part of the
 25th Made in Prague Festival

YOU IN MY HOUSE is an mobile-specific audio performance (in English or Czech) for two spectators and an apartment created by Jiří Austerlitz for the National Theatre Drama Prague. We invite the audience to visit their apartment anew, participate a little – simply join in a play of three actors.

By purchasing a ticket, you will get access to an audio track in English or Czech for your smartphone. Just two people in an apartment – and a Voice. Who is the visitor and who is the host? Do you really know the place you live in? Or do you rather come for a visit?

The two are together in one apartment, and a Voice is heard from a recording. Who is it? Can he understand the life that’s lived there? What is his fate? Are we able to really listen?

You can invite anyone to experience this piece with: your spouse, partner, parent, friend, child, whomever. You only need to be two in any apartment, have a charged smartphone and at least one hour of free time.  

On Demand 15 -21 November

Audio available in English or Czech
55 min

FB: @cinohraND
Instagram: @cinohrand

Written and directed by: Jiří Austerlitz
Cast: Saša Rašilov, Jindriška Dudziaková, Matyáš Řezníček
Dramaturgy: Marta Ljubková
Music and Sound Design: Jan Čtvrtník
Sound: Jan Veselý

The English version of the Project was supported by the European Theatre Convention as part of ETC's ENGAGE programme. ENGAGE – Empowering today's audiences through challenging theatre is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. Performances at Voila! Europe are supported by the Czech Centre, London, as part of the 25th Made in Prague Festival.

THE NATIONAL THEATRE DRAMA PRAGUE is the biggest company of its ilk in the Czech Republic. In the pre-covid times, our company gave seven to eight first nights a year, while also pursuing a host of accompanying activities and educational programmes . We also offer critical writing courses and playwriting classes. We aim  to make the National Theatre an open and vigorous institution. While keeping in mind that contemporary theatre should preserve the cultural legacy of the Czech lands, at the same time, it must afford scope for vivid gatherings, and thus naturally respond to the current social issues.  


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