Toadette, the Frog Opera

The banned love of a frog & toad.

29 Aug

Full price: £15 Affordable: £5

Produced and presented by Jack Dauner and Kristin Hurst

Music: Jack Dauner
Words: Kristin Hurst

She is a toad. He is a frog. According to the laws of nature, their union is an impossible one. But their hearts sing otherwise. A series of misfortunes and bad timing separate these star-crossed lovers… forever? 

The unique mom and son team, Jack Dauner and Kristin Hurst, present Toadette, the Frog Opera.
Composed by Jack when he was 13 years old, with a libretto by Kristin, Toadette blends a world of fantasy with romantic-style music, spectacular costumes, and unforgettable characters. 

Young audiences, families, opera lovers and wildlife enthusiasts will be enchanted by Toadette, the Frog Opera.

Age Rating: Adults and children 8 and up

Monday 29 August - 7:00pm