1936: Fishing

Gay life in the shadow of Wilde.

4 Sep

Full price: £15 Affordable: £5

Produced and presented by Homo Promos

Music: Robert Ely
Words: Peter Scott-Presland

Homo Promos, Britain’s oldest LGBT company and international award-winner, presents the premiere of Episode 7 from ‘A Gay Century’, the first instalment of the 17-part epic to be staged. 

‘1936: Fishing’ treats of the friendship between an old man and a teenager on Brighton Pier, where Oscar Wilde’s downfall still casts a long shadow forty years later.  A poignant exploration of LGBT history, and the experiences passed down the generations, for better or worse.  A kind of ‘Death in Venice’, told from the point of view of the boy Tadzio.

Age Rating: All ages, but mostly adults

In a festival of new work, please note that shows can often overrun.


Sunday 4 September - 7:00pm