We’ll be seeing you all within our walls again later this Spring as soon as we get the all clear.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

We will return.

And here is what you can expect to see once we do.

16 Aug to 21 Aug
The Camden Fringe 2021

London's Theatre Festival

23 May - 7.00pm
Journey To Nutopia

Future Positive Talks & More...

28 Jun - 8.00pm
Jazz In The Round

Monthly Sounds

Theatre Maker

Our Theatre Making Community

Kids At The Cockpit

A Range Of Shows For Children

27 May to 30 May
Emergence: Jazz | Arts | Mob

Beats On The Bexhill Beach

Waiting for the sunrise

Shows Waiting For A New Date

15 Nov to 21 Nov
VOILA! Europe 2021

Our Annual European Festival

17 May - 7.00pm
Theatre In The Pound

A Monthly Scratch Night.

19 May to 29 May

Lust, betrayal & madness.

22 May - 7.30pm
Gareth & Friends

Variety on stage in real life

29 May - 7.00pm
Dissident Voices

Celebrating Writers

4 Jun to 13 Jun
Cavalli's 'L'Egisto'

A magical opera fable

8 Jun - 7.30pm

Adj: beautiful, lovely, handsome.

20 Jun - 3.30pm
Bard in the Yard

Help Shakespeare write a play!

3 Jul - 7.30pm
Once Upon A Sondheim

The Music Of Sondheim

23 Aug to 28 Aug
Ballet Workshop

Ballets by LGBTQ artists

22 Sep to 9 Oct

Coercion. Consent. Confusion

25 Sep - 2.00pm
Clare & Cory Share a Story

Sharing, Exploring & Big Pants

3 Nov to 14 Nov

The Life Of Emmeline Pankhurst