On Stage

We’ll be seeing you all within our walls again later this Spring as soon as we get the all clear.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

We will return.

And here is what you can expect to see once we do.


27 Jul to 15 Oct
9 Aug to 21 Aug
The Camden Fringe 2021

London's Theatre Festival

26 Jul - 8.00pm
Jazz In The Round

Monthly Sounds

12 Sep - 7.00pm
Journey To Nutopia

Future Positive Talks & More...

Theatre Maker

Our Theatre Making Community

Kids At The Cockpit

A Range Of Shows For Children

Waiting for the sunrise

Shows Waiting For A New Date

15 Nov to 21 Nov
VOILA! Europe 2021

Our Annual European Festival

23 Jul to 25 Jul
Church of Burn's Festival of Money

Serious Play With Money

24 Jul - 2.00pm
27 Jul to 26 Aug
Her War

A Traumatised Nurse Struggles

28 Jul to 27 Aug
HER BODY: The Anatomy of a Woman

An Authentic Embodiment Of A Woman

29 Jul to 29 Aug
The Crocodile of Old Kang Pow - Acts 1 and 2

The Marquis De Sade Goes On A Quest

30 Jul to 29 Aug
Come Bargain With Uncanny Things

You Must Negotiate With The Fey

31 Jul to 30 Aug
Guide to the Lakes

An Operatic Picnic & Travel Guide

2 Aug to 4 Sep
2 Aug to 3 Sep
Shut Down The Club

An Operatic Techno Rave After Covid

3 Aug to 7 Sep
The Monk of the River

A Chinese-Western Epic Of Justice

4 Aug to 4 Sep
While There's Light

Love Amid A Militaristic Society

4 Aug to 1 Sep
The Castle of Crossed Destinies

Calvino's Novel Linking All History

5 Aug to 5 Sep
The Unravelling Fantasia of Miss H.

A Woman Struggles In An Asylum

6 Aug to 6 Sep

A Robot-Human Couple Seek Help

6 Aug to 6 Sep

Come & Use An Operatic Dating App

7 Aug to 7 Sep

Sophie Taeuber-Arp's Life

7 Aug to 7 Sep

2 Esports Players Face Hard Choices

8 Aug to 8 Sep
The Language of Flowers

A Swashbuckling Princess' True Tale

8 Aug to 8 Sep

An Operatic Gardening TV Show

9 Aug to 10 Aug
History on the Road

Legacy. Womanhood. Protests.

9 Aug to 11 Aug
Juliet & Romeo

They're Back... & On Acid!

11 Aug - 9.00pm
Housewarming by Tatenda Shamiso

Home, Identity, Community

11 Aug to 20 Aug
Game of Governments

Who's Going To Take Out The Bins?

12 Aug to 14 Aug
Better Than Sex

The Story of Mae West

12 Aug to 15 Aug
Existential Fish & Dread

A Quest For Life's Meaning

13 Aug to 14 Aug

A New Devised Piece

14 Aug - 2.00pm
15 Aug
Home Burial

Based On The Poetry Of Robert Frost

16 Aug to 17 Aug
Jammy Dodgers

How Capable Are We Of Starting Over

16 Aug to 17 Aug

A One-Woman Dark Comedy

18 Aug to 19 Aug
Rosetta Code

Robots & Humans Improvise In VR

18 Aug to 19 Aug
Kiss Her

We're Not Going To Show You This...

20 Aug to 21 Aug
Smart Casual

A New Musical by Sam Woof

23 Aug to 28 Aug
Ballet Workshop

Ballets by LGBTQ artists

29 Aug - 3.30pm
Bard in the Yard

Help Shakespeare Write A Play!

2 Sep to 11 Sep

A Dance Classic. Reimagined

20 Sep - 7.00pm
Theatre In The Pound

A Monthly Scratch Night.

22 Sep to 9 Oct

Coercion. Consent. Confusion

25 Sep - 2.00pm
Clare & Cory Share a (Glorious) Story

Sharing, Daring & Big Pants

17 Oct - 8.00pm
Extreme Improv Comedy Show

Improvised sketches.

3 Nov to 14 Nov

The Life Of Emmeline Pankhurst