Physical Theatre Techniques

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Who could benefit from this course?

This course is suitable for those who wish to learn, play with ideas and extend their physical theatre techniques in a creative and supportive environment. Perhaps you're a newcomer, or have studied with Mim before, taken part in our Physical Theatre Techniques courses in the past, trained elsewhere, or gained movement experience by performing.

If you want to learn new skills, then put them into practice, creating solo & collaborative physical theatre performances, this course is for you.

How does it work?

The course will take place over two sessions on Saturday, 9th of July, in Studio 1 at The Cockpit (upstairs).
It is possible to book for the first session only, or book for both sessions.

In session one, we will work with Physical Theatre Techniques including:

Grotowski warm-up
Ideokinesis centering technique
Laban 8 Effort Actions
Lecoq 7 States of Tension
plus working with ideas of 'presence', and creating atmosphere.

In session two, we will each work with an everyday object, putting into creative practise the techniques covered on the first session. There is an opportunity to create solo work, as well as collaborating with others.

What do you gain?

The aim of the course is to extend your physical theatre repertoire and expand your creativity in an indepth and playfully focused way. 
Session one will equip you with a range of techniques, and session two will give you the seeds of your very own performance piece by working with an everyday object..

Dates, Times & Cost

Date: Saturday 9 July 2022

Class Times: 
Session 1 (techniques): 10:30am - 1:30pm
Session 2 (making): 2:30pm - 5:30pm

Participant Cost: 
Early Bird £25 per session (book by 12:00pm on 20 June)
Regular Price £29 per session
Save 10% when booking both sessions


Check out the other workshops in our Theatre Maker programme, and save 10% when you book 2 or more.

Mim is an Artist/Choreographer/Dancer/Live Artist/Filmmaker born in London, living in Brighton, working internationally. Her professional performance career commenced in 1984. Moving from circus, to visual theatre through to dance, and to live art and film, her most significant training was with Anton Adasinsky & his performance company DEREVO at their former studio in Leningrad, Russia in 1990. Miriam's work is influenced by Butoh dance. She has been creating her own unique performances since 1992, taking her to dance and live art festivals and artist-in-residences around the World. She has researched, lectured and presented work in many countries including France, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland , Italy , Portugal , Greece , Iceland , USA , South Korea, China,  New Zealand and Australia. Her award winning dance film work has been shown at Lincoln Centre/ New York, Pompidou Centre/Paris, ICA/London, the Venice Biennial and at the Sydney Opera House. Miriam has a continuing performance relationship with Gallery Kruh, Kostelec nad cernymi Lesy, nr Prague, Czech Republic which commenced in 1992 and an ongoing performance relationship with SoToDo Gallery, Berlin & the Congress of Visual and Performance Art.

Miriam is on the editorial panel for Total Theatre Magazine, regularly contributing articles and reviews. She was a founder member of Movement 12 and also BUTOH Brighton. She is a visiting lecturer teaching Performance and Choreography. Currently head of Movement at Academy of Creative Training, Brighton. Regularly lectures, leads tours and gives workshops on art for The Hayward Gallery, SouthBank Centre, Tate Modern and Tate Britain.


"Mim's workshop was extremely valuable and has given me tools to deepen character work as I focus on all aspects of acting".
Steve Edwards (Actor). Cockpit Theatre/Theatre Maker/Physical Theatre Techniques participant October 2021

"It was an amazing experience for me. I've learned so much about acting through this class... I was just mind-blown every single step of the way. I loved Mim's energy from the start."
- Theatre Maker/Physical Theatre Techniques participant, September 2020

"I loved training with Mim. I learned so much. She was outstanding. Truly, one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had."
- Theatre Maker/Physical Theatre Techniques participant, September 2020

"I was introduced to the wonderful Mim in the Autumn of 2012 as she directed me in my first term of drama school in a production of Grimms Tales. I was incredibly worried and like all first year drama students arrived with a whole load of baggage and superficial personal barriers but within minutes of Mim taking us for our first movement class I felt instantly calmed and knew I was in guiding hands. Mim took a rather rigid and tense actor and helped me ground myself and embrace the physicality of a character that I never knew existed. I can honestly say that Mim helped me find the foundation stones for my future as a professional performer; not 1 audition or character research prep goes by without Mims movement class DNA being there for me. Mims movement class gave me the most powerful tools available to an actor from storytelling through my physicality whilst being completely intune with my fellow performers. For my final year showcase I was directed by Mim once more in Grimms Tales, after the Brighton Showcase I asked my friends and family and future agent what the highlight was and everyone unanimously said Grimms!"
Allen Watts (Actor)

"Mim’s passion for movement and theatre envelops any student that is lucky enough to be taught by her. After each session you leave the class wondering what actually happened and how Mim was able to carry you along with her. With Mim’s patience, guidance and understanding you understand how your body communicates. I would recommend anyone, whatever age, to come to a Mim class and see what you can achieve".
Graham Campbell  (Academy of Creative Training Student)

Mim's warmth, unconditional acceptance of where we started and absolute faith in what we could produce and express meant the class I dreaded most at the start became a highlight of the acting foundation course.
Kevin Cherry (Actor)