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Apply for Theatre In The Pound



Please do note when applying that due to the low cost nature of this event, we will be working with whatever the rig and set for whatever the main show is in the house that month. Usually the set is minimal or nothing, however on occasion there may be a larger set on the stage. Please ask in advance if you think this my be an issue for you.


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Your details
First, a little information about you...
As in such "Such and such Theatre Co presents..." - If you are a solo performer with no company name, just repeat your own name here.
Your piece
Now, some questions about the piece you want to perform...
The title of your piece, or at least a working title for the time being.
Theatre in the Pound runs on one Monday of each month from September to June. If we are unable to accommodate your first choice, we will do our best to enable your second.
Tell us about the piece. This is for internal use only so please don't worry about spoilers. Tell us as much as possible to help us understand your work.
This is the blurb for the programme that we will print for the show. If you are still developing the piece, please send us something general for the meantime and then email a new draft through closer to the time.
Who needs crediting in our programme? Writer, director, performers, etc. You can email through an updated list closer to the time if you are still in the process of putting your team together.
Would you like us to put your website, email address or phone number in the programme for interested parties to find out more about your work? Tell us here.
There will be a short feedback session directly after your performance. Are there any particular questions you would like us to raise? You will be able to discuss this further on the day of the show with the Theatre In The Pound host.
Are there any particular warning we might need to make the audience aware of? Nudity, extreme language, etc.
Technical info
Now the technical details...


Owing to the low cost nature of the event, TIT£ is often programmed around main-house shows so we have to work around their lighting rig.  However, we will provide a good general cover and a centre spot.  If you think you need anything more, please email chrisatthecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk

Please give us an idea of the complexity of your sound requirements.
Tell us anything else you need to about your sound requirements. The more we know in advance the better. Please also mention if you plan to playback off anything other than CD (E.G. A laptop). Please note that playback off an iPod, phone or other MP3 player is to be avoided.
Please let us know what possible risks your performance might entail. Err on the side of caution and tick what will or might happen. It's better for us to anticipate something that ends up getting cut than for there to be a last minute surprise.
How long will need in the auditorium to go through your technical requirements with our technician? This rehearsal is compulsory to show our crew what you'll be doing even if it's really simple.. If in doubt, ask for the full 45 minutes. Additional rehearsal time will be available in one of studios.
When will you (and your cast) be available for this rehearsal to take place? Tech sessions start from 2pm on the day of the show.
Anything else you'd like to tell us?
What circus equipment do you propose to use?......
What aerial requirements are you planning to use? Please provide details of requirements (no. of points, loadings ect..) Are you able and confident to provide your own rigging or do you require a rigger?..
Are you able to provide us with a risk assessment for your show/Act?...