Privacy Policy

Before we get too technical and bore you to death, here's the skinny:

We make every effort to ensure we work to all relevant data protection laws* and general good practices.
This site has been designed by people who love the web and get annoyed by sites that don't let us keep in control of our personal data. 


  • We put unsubscribe links clearly in all emails and on the site.
  • We don't pass your details on to anyone else.
  • When you buy or reserve tickets through us, we store the contact details you give us in case there is a problem with your booking.  We do not use this information for any other purpose.  Once the event has been and gone, we delete this information within 90 days.  All we will keep is your email address if you have opted to subscribe to a mailing list.

Storage of financial information and other sensitive data when buying/reserving tickets.

When you buy tickets through our site your payment is processed by PayPal.  The Cockpit website does not collect any of your financial details.  The only personal data The Cockpit website collects is your name, phone number and email address.  This information will be removed from the site's database within 90 days after the show you booked for (with the exception of email addresses if you opted to subscribe to a mailing list).

The PayPal privacy policy is available here:


This site uses cookies.  Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit. They are widely used in order to make websites work, or work more efficiently, as well as to provide information to the owners of the site.

Most web browsers allow some control of most cookies through the browser settings. To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, visit

Google is watching you...

We use Google Analytics, a service which gives us useful (anonymous) data about how people use the site.  It tells us stuff like what search terms people use to find us, which pages are popular, what type of browsers people are using, and so on.  At no point does it collect any data that can personally identify you.  You can learn more about Google Analytics by reading their privacy policy here:

Lots of sites use Google Analytics, but if you don't want to be tracked, you can opt-out by using this plugin:

Other cookies

We're working on monitoring exactly what other cookies this site places on your computer.  This is a hard task, as the site site uses a modular system called Drupal.  This means it's highly customisable according to which of the thousands of available modules we choose to install.  As a result, this site is something of a hodge-podge of code developed by a community of people who may or may not have provided thorough documentation.  What we do know is this:

  • If you buy a ticket for a show online from us, the site will use cookies to remember what items you've put in your basket.  These only store show details, not your personal details.
  • The calendar function remembers what date you you were looking at to make it easier to switch between day/week/month views without reselect the desired timeframe each time.
  • If you log in to the site (Only applicable to Cockpit staff and companies bringing shows here), cookies will be used to remember you've logged in
  • Every Drupal site by default places a cookie to check if your browser uses Javascript.  It is basically pointless but is proving to be difficult to override.  The larger community is currently working on a solution to this problem.  This cookie is totally harmless and is deleted when you close your browser.
  • There appears to be very little else, but be assured we are keeping an eye on it.

Data collected from applications forms such as for Theatre In The Pound

This information is stored in the site's database until the end of the season, at which point it will be deleted.  Other copies may be kept in emails and/or on paper for archive purposes.  Please email pound [at] if you want this data destroyed.

Data collected from accounts on our site

Theatre companies upload their event's details to this site use via a special account.  On registration, contact details are collected and stored.  This data is kept for the lifespan of the account and is only visible to Cockpit site administrators.  A registered user can have their account deleted by emailing management [at] whereupon all related personal data will be deleted (information made publicly available as part of the event's listing will remain published unless explicitly requested).


Did you know many European websites are illegal?  That's why we've had to install that bloomin' cookie warning message that pops up when you first visit the site. This video explains everything really well.  


If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please email management [at]