Most theatres won't configure in the round very easily but The Cockpit was made for it. In fact, The Cockpit is the only purpose-built theatre in the round in Central London.

Many shows we do are in thrust (seats on three sides which gives a deep, intimate playing space, with perfect sightlines and acoustics) but we love going in the round. It gives extraordinary focus and intensity, a strong audience presence with great scope for interactivity and is a real test for performers when 'playing the whole space' becomes essential.

We want to encourage more theatre-makers to try things in the round - and are trying everything ourselves too from Circus to Wrestling - that uses the space. We want to encourage audiences to come too. From now on, all shows we do in the round will appear on this page. So Roundaphiles among you (and we know there is at least one, it was him gave us the idea) can check what's available.

See you around!