A Living Doll

Could You Fall In Love With A Doll?

9 Jan

Tickets: £7 (Plus £1 + 3% booking fee)

Produced and presented by New Justice Films Limited

Lonely, depressed and suffering from the effects of self-isolation, Richard enrols into a radical Psychedelic Therapy Programme that uses Psilocybin in combination with Virtual Reality Technology.  In order to overcome his fear of intimacy, he is encouraged to create the woman of his dreams using a realistic latex doll that has Artificial Intelligence built in. 
After he bonds with the doll, it is taken from him, forcing him to try and convince the Police to treat her as a missing person, not as a missing item. Finding a sympathetic listener in a female University lecturer on remand in the Station, Richard expands on his theories about doll companionship until a challenging conflict arises between the woman and her angry husband. He is able to extract himself when the Doll is found at a local second hand shop where he ends up declaring his love for her to the forensic detective who examines her for prints.

This show is a staged reading of the play in progress.

Sunday 9 January - 5.00pm