Angels With Dirty Accents

The truth will set them free.

31 Jan to 17 Feb

Full price: £15 Concessions: £12 Student: £10

Angels With Dirty Accents

Produced and presented by RKID PRODUCTIONS

Hosted by The Cockpit

ANGELS WITH DIRTY ACCENTS centres on the lives of angels.  Penniless, hopeless, sleeping rough in our city centres, ignored by passers-by, and waiting for their chance to get into heaven.


But waiting is a hard game to play, especially when heaven tightens its immigration policy and the streets begin to offer so much temptation.

They are everywhere… they infect our streets like lice. A disease that scurries around our bins and alleyways. Spreading fear, crime and anarchy on an unprecedented scale. Looming in shanty towns on the fringes of society, they provide a putrid eyesore to our otherwise dazzling metropolis. Our citizens live in fear; trapped patrons and long suffering pioneers of democracy. Constantly being pestered and heckled by filth ridden renegades of our communities. Drop outs, losers, perverts and pedophiles... I am of course, talking about angels.

'An original black comedy brought to you by RKID PRODUCTIONS featuring live music. - looking at the state of homelessness and modern society with an honest and angry voice. 


Wednesday 31st January to Saturday 3rd February 2018 - 7:30pm
Wednesday 7th to Saturday 10th February 2018 - 7:30pm
Wednesday 14th to Saturday 17th  February 2018 - 7:30pm