Are you done? [ _SOLITUDE_ IS _BLISS_ PART 1A]

A Journey In Digital Solitude

20 Nov

£10 / £5 Tickets
This event is part of: 

Performed & Presented by Francasixiə 
Produced by Giusi Di Gesaro
Italy / UK

Who the hell is Siri to tell you what to do? Francasixiə imagines a deeper relationship with the obscure technologies behind voice assistants, by giving the audience a chance to programme the commands. Are you done? is an online intermedial performance consisting of different tasks throughout the festival week, including a pre-show questionnaire and a performative live interview with a synthetic voice, to explore the idea of ethical digital companionship and solitude in the lockdown era.

Live online performance Saturday 20 November at 5:30pm

£10 tickets for the full experience including pre-show activities (book by 17 November at 2PM)
£5 tickets for the Saturday performance only

Performed in English with captioning available
25 min + post show discussion in English

This piece includes 3 pre-show activities - a video, a survey, and an interview - before the live performance & discussion on 20 November.
Book by 17 November at 2PM for the full experience including the pre-show activities.

You will get access to the pre-show activities and more information on Monday, 15 November, via Francasixiə’s website. 
Please add the email address areyoudoneprojectatgmail [dot] com to your address book, to ensure you receive messages about the show.

You will be asked to:
Watch a video (15 Nov)
Respond to a short survey (15 Nov)
Book an appointment for your interview via Calendly (16 or 17 Nov)

The website will also provide the Zoom link for the live performance & discussion (20 Nov)

FB: @Francasixio
IG: @francasixio 
Twitter: @bentifr

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