Shadows, Sounds & Flying Machines

Tickets: £9 / £30 family of 4 (plus £1 + 3% booking fee)
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Produced and presented by Mike Hartley


Flying machines and rickety old bike wheels squeak. Cogs and ratchets turn and clank. A mysterious character makes their way through the world of shadows and into light.

This is a shadow play performance by creative practitioner Mike Hartley. ​Incorporating the magic of sound and movement, and using kinetic sculptures and automata made from brick a brack and recycled junk, he creates new stories and breathes new life into old objects. 

Mike Hartley is a multimedia artist and performer creating sound and movement sculptures from recycled bits and bobs that he finds at car boot sales or that have been thrown away. 

He has created works for shows and installations around the UK such as Moving Parts Newcastle Puppet Festival and All Hallows Hall in Bristol as well as performing at Skipton Puppet Festival and Valley Of Lights in Hebden Bridge.

Saturday 23 October - 2pm