Bard in the Yard

Help Shakespeare Write A Play!

£12 plus £1 booking fee
Produced and presented by Bard in the Yard

They say Shakespeare wrote King Lear and Macbeth in plague quarantine... what they don't say is that you helped, a lot.
This "irresistible" (The Guardian) play by author and director Victoria Gartner is "funny and moving, not to mention immersive" (The Independent).

William Shakespeare is stuck. Like, really stuck. Blank parchment stuck. He is trying to write a new masterpiece, and has the weight of his company's eager return to the stage on his shoulders.
What's more, his rival Ben Jonson, on top of making the best sourdough bread ever, also has a new play in the works... So he has decided to pick your brains and make sure this new show is the smash hit it is promising to be.

This year, you can help the Bard write King Lear or Macbeth! Both are urgently requested by the King, on pain of all of our heads ending up on spikes.

Bard in the Yard is an antidote to lockdown blues, as well as a moving and fun conversation between Shakespeare and you, the audience.

Join us for this roller-coaster ride of classic monologues and plague quarantine travails, "delivered to perfection" (The Telegraph).

Your Bard will be Kaya Bucholc

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Godmother of Bard in the Yard Dame Helen Mirren
Written by Victoria Gartner & William Shakespeare
Directed by Victoria Gartner
Producer Charlie Mackellar
PR Beatrice Lawrence
Assistant Directors Runa Augdal & Aaron Blackledge
We have Bard all over the country, if you would like to order the show to your yard!
Bard in the Yard is a project from Will & Co


For this show we are returning to normal operation where ticket holders choose their own seats on admission to the auditorium. 

We also request that everyone wear a mask when moving around the building, wash their hands often and practice self-distancing.  We have reduced capacities to allow for this.

You and your bubble will be invited to choose a seat and self-distance yourselves from others.

We will be running a normal bar service with extra tables for your drinking comfort.


For more information on how things work, have a look at our dedicated Covid:19 page.