Beethoven Was A Lesbian (Interactive Broadcast)

Seducing & dominating classical music's tropes.

Wed 23 Sep 2020 to Wed 21 Oct 2020

Beethoven Was A Lesbian (Interactive Broadcast)


Produced by Sophie Seita & Naomi Woo

Recording available for 28 days after broadcast

Creators & Performers: Sophie Seita & Naomi Woo

Between lecture-performance and love letter, Beethoven Was A Lesbian is an homage to Pauline Oliveros in extravagant temporal drag. Through playful dialogue, promiscuous citation, and interactive meditations, the performance seduces the tropes of classical music in order to dominate them. Performers conduct and are conducted, listen, flirt, sing, play, recline, read, die tragically, and bask in the soprano’s voice.

To receive the custom set of four postcards as an accompaniment to the sound piece, sent directly to your address for  £4, see details at checkout.

All ages (mostly adults)

Live Broadcast: Wednesday 23rd September - 6:00pm

Entry Price £1, Donations during the event