Blood On Your Hands

Masculinity, Migration & Poverty

9 Jun to 10 Jun

Full price: £10 Concessions: £8 (Plus £1 + 3% booking fee)
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Produced and Presented by Patch Plays

Blood on Your Hands is a contemporary piece that looks at the forgotten victims of the meat industry: the slaughterhouse workers. Behind the walls of an abattoir lies toxic masculinity, exploitation, and an unlikely friendship growing amidst the violence. This is the story of two men led to slaughter

Kazimir, on his first day on the job, connects with happy-go-lucky Dan, forming an unexpected connection in an unkind place. Unexpressed to one another, both are suffering with mental health issues, PTSD, depression and addiction. The polarity of Kazimir as a caring father, loving husband and vet turned slaughterer is seen, alongside Dan’s fraught relationship with his ex-girlfriend, who is now a vegan activist. All the while, they are mistreated, exploited, and seen as utterly replaceable by the job that is their only option. 

This violent industry, with jobs often left to underpaid migrant workers, is rife with PTSD and Perpetrator-Induced Traumatic Stress (PITS). With suicide as the leading cause of death for men under 45, an environment with such an impact on a worker’s mental health can be devastating. This show sheds light on a bloody industry, widely ignored by those who do not wish to kill their own meals, and often misunderstood by those who find meat production abhorrent.

    ‘A gripping tale that explores the complexity of the human relationship with animals and the environment’ (★★★★★ London Theatre 1)

   ‘Through brilliant writing and inspired directing, we see the disparity between human lives and animal lives, and find ourselves questioning, why do we deem one more important than the other?’
(★★★★★ London Theatre 1)

   ‘Changing the world is an exhausting business, Patch Plays I salute you!’
    (★★★★ View  from the Outside)

    ‘To think the company, Patch Plays (formed by Anastasia Bunce and Maria Majewska) were founded in 2020 is incredible and I look forward to seeing more of their work.’
    (★★★★ London Pub Theatre)

Written by Grace Joy Howarth 

Directed by Anastasia Bunce


Recommended for 15+

Contains strong language, distressing themes and references to animal cruelty

Thursday 9 June 2022 - 7.30pm
Friday 10 June - 2:30pm and 7:30pm