Bubbles the Zebrafish & The No. 8 Bus (Live Performance)

A magical journey from Sorbet Road to the Pacific.

Sun 20 Sep 2020

Bubbles the Zebrafish & The No. 8 Bus (Live Performance)


Produced by Aukoko

There will also be an interactive broadcast of this show at 18:00-19:00, Thursday 24th September 2020; Bubbles the Zebrafish & The No. 8 Bus. A recording of that broadcast will be available for 28 days and tickets for the broadcast are sold seperately.

Music: Emily Tse
Words: April Koyejo-Audiger

Bubbles the Zebrafish & The No .8 Bus is an opera for children, exploring the effects and solutions to plastic pollution in the Pacific Ocean.

It is almost bedtime, Olympia and Orleans decide to take the magic No. 8 bus to their favourite ice cream shop on Sorbet Road.

However, they end up at the wrong Sorbet Road, one deep in the Pacific Ocean. This begins their adventure with Bubbles the Zebrafish, Scarlett The Jellyfish Princess, Goggles the Sea Turtle, and a very helpful audience.

A storm of plastic, a jellyfish birthday, and a couple of adventurous children accompany this magical score which combines classical music and jazz to create a truly enchanting and immersive performance.

Additional content for the broadcast:

The company will give a live introduction to the interactive broadcast of their opera, and share the book of Bubbles the Zebrafish written alongside the opera.

Family friendly (Ages 3-7)

Sunday 20th September - 1:30pm

Tickets:  Full price: £15.00 / Financially Challenged: £5.00

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Full Price: £15, Financially Challenged: £5